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Ashes to Ashes

The airport is being shelled yet again! The Damascus-Beirut International Highway is being shelled. More back and forth rockets across the border, with an increasing number of civilian casualties on both sides. An Israeli Minister has vowed to civilians in northern Israel to have Beirut burnt! Hizbullah just released a statement threatening Israel. Beirut’s southern suburbs are being bombed. Israeli Navy ships can be seen from Beirut’s airport. The main artery that connects Beirut to the South is a highway that pass underneath the airport runways that were just destroyed. Israeli fighter jets have just bombed the town of Bouday in the Baalbek Valley. The Israeli Navy has just initiated a maritime blockade on Lebanon to complement the aerial blockade. Hizbullah fired Katyusha rockets on Naharia north of Israel. Al-Manar TV, Hizbullah run TV station, was hit by Israeli warplanes. Israeli warplanes destroy Al-Awwali bridge next to Saida. Hizbullah hit northern Israel with rockets. The Zahrani power station actually was just hit. Tele Liban, Lebanon’s official state television channel, is currently running a live cooking show. Lebanese government held a meeting, but could not agree on a unified position. They Hit the Airport! The Damour Bridge (just south of Beirut) has just been destroyed.


What a miserable world we live in.

I am honestly in loss for words. What is there left to say? What is there to do? What is there left to try?

Check out what various bloggers from all around our quite miserable Arab world have to say on a toot round-up I did earlier. It’s interesting reading the different reactions.

I will also redirect you to a post by Eve that made my heart ache.

Ahhh ya Lobnan! 2albna ma3kom.




Palestine & Lebanon: Demonstration


  1. It’s a big imperfect world, Roba, and yes, sometimes a very horrible place to live. I’m glad we have the blogosphere, where can perform our “social networking” and work on our interpersonal skills while communicating with people of all cultures and nations. We may not always agree with the words other write, and we may even be offended at times, enlightened at other times, moved by words written by people we may otherwise would never have met.

    That reminds me. This weekend I have to update my blogroll. I’m adding and a few other blogs I’ve recently discovered.

  2. the most disturbing thing about this is the fact that people find it so sad. and yes, what is happening in lebanon is very truly sad. unfortunatley though, when this takes place in the palestinian territories, we all sit by, wuiet and allow it to happen as if it is part of the normal everyday routine. i think this is a wake up call to all of us. we should not be sitting anymore. we should all stand up and not be afraid to let our voices be heard.

  3. oh, ya, what a mess!

  4. Jason Bourne

    But we dont see Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Chinese bombing other people?

    Why is there a terrorism in every part of the world where there are muslims?

    Muslim dominated areas where there is terrorism:
    1. Kashmir
    2. Chechnya
    3. Middle east
    4. East timor
    5. US
    6. Europe

    Some of us moderates around the world want to desperately believe that muslims are not the problem. But our hope is dwindling, and the world is becoming an increasingly polarized place.

    -Hopeless Atheist

  5. Beirut.. my 2nd home :X I’m speechless

  6. Jason – it’s not true that you don’t see Christians bombing each other. What about the mess that Northern Ireland was in? The IRA etc?

    I’m not so certain of what’s going on in Sri Lanka with the Tamil situation but as far as I’m aware, their religion is a majority of Buddhists and then the next major group is Hindu.

    In my opinion terrorism should be deplored where ever it occurs.

  7. Jason Bourne


    What about the hedonistic socio-political system in the middle east? The king of Saudi Arabia describes himself as the custodian of the 2 holy mosques?

    I cant think of a chinese/japanese/european head-of-state.

    Just look at every economy in the middle east? UAE, Bahrain, Saudi A are all supported by their oil money. I dont see the Arabs inventing anything new?

    Look at the Chinese and the Japanese? They came from nowhere, and they are world leaders in almost every area of engineering and science.

    Look at south korea?

    Did you know that Japan is the only country in the world with a huge budget surplus? Did you know that the japanese GDP is over 5 trillion US$?

    With soo much oil money, you can do soo much for the people. Why are there soo many institutes in the middle east offering PhDs is Islamic studies?

    Dont get me wrong, relegious studies are not wrong. But, we also need people to cure cancer by inventing drugs after many many years of graduate school.

    Plus, its about time that these people stop bombing innocent civilians, because they are running out of virgins in heaven

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