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It’s a sad yet exciting experience moving to a new home. You might find this new home stark as it’s still not completely furnished- there a few paintings that still need hanging, many boxes that need unpacking, and a few plugs that don’t work yet. But it’s in livable condition- there’s fresh content as often as I can serve, and warm water.

That has been home for the past two years, and I have grown to love Blogger. It saw growth, love, fights, stupidity, and a whole ton of art. Unfortunately, I’m afraid it doesn’t fit my things anymore, and I found myself having to move out. That house will stay open, but it will get dusty with the days.

There are new keys, your old keys will open an old house now.

Please update your address books, it’s rude to lead people to an empty house!

Enjoy your stay!


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  1. Non-Blogging

    Congrats for the new home! I like the new design although it’s somewhat hard to get used to after months spent virtually at your old home. But I’ll get used to it it as I’ve gotten used to all the other new homes in the blogosphere.

    And what a beautiful introduction you made to your new location. Really inspiring and innovative.

  2. As it smells as a new house should, it still needs some more “red” Roba :D and I can hear the echo of my voice.

    Good luck with the rest of the work
    Alf mabrook, tshoofi 3ala wijhu il 7’air

  3. MMM

    Congratulations on the new home :)

    It’s looking great, and I wish you success upon success with it :)

    Go Roba Go!

  4. Welcome to the real world … :)

  5. welcome in your new home.

  6. Alf Mabrook 3oqbal il dot com ;)

  7. updated!

    “Manzil Mbarak Insha’Allah” as we say in Kuwait :)

    if you could darken the posts font, they will be more readable :)

  8. Oh wow!
    Wow wow!

    Roba’s new fresh blog/site! this is Exciting news! Whoohooo


    *sits down, waiting for the coffee and cookies*


  9. mabrook the new home, i mean the new website :)
    Cool Design.
    What is the secret of your red sketchers shoes :) ?

  10. yup u need a gift then, ill think of something :)

  11. I’m not sure what to do with the “keys”.

    Will you have an RSS feed so I can use

  12. Hmmm. The gray box says there is an RSS 2.0 feed, but Bloglines said there is no RSS feed when I tried to subscribe. Help a little old lady…?

  13. Mabroook Roba … Alf Mabrook :)
    I love the clean wet paint .. it’s amazing to see how nice and fresh a new blog looks like .. uncluttered by all the mess to come soon
    Alf mabrook and my this be even a larger success :D

  14. WOW Roba, I really love this new look .. especially the header .. this is so cool .. mabrook :)

  15. Thanks guys! You are all so sweet.

    Silk, try this:

    I tried it with Bloglines and it’s working fine.

  16. congrats! hope you like your neighbors :P

  17. Mabrook:)

    p.s: No house warming party?:p

  18. Mohannad

    Great, it is more useful.

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