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Real blog!

Yey, I’m really excited about this! It’s funny (yeah, I know, phrase I use too often, ha ha)… I changed my old, old template because Yazan sorta pushed me to do it although I wanted to for a very long time. I was just, sorta afraid of change. Today, he pushed me to switch to WordPress and actually spent all day after 5:00 PM helping me fix things. We have the design ready and stuff but he got too tired right before uploading it to the servers, so, oh well.

Thanks Yazan!


ey mambo, mambo italiano




  1. Mabrook Roba. nice look and finally on wordpress

  2. there’s a problem with the about link and also, when i enter your post.. the banner hides the title

  3. Mabrook mabrook!

  4. Yay so I’m the first to comment on the new blog :D

    I love it! Congrats roobs, it must feel great ;)

  5. ooops!

    I thought I was the first cuz there were no comments :( how did that happen?!!

  6. And you’re moderating comments?!! Hmmmmm…

  7. Thanks guys, but wait, I’m not done yet! Stick to blogspot till I finish everything ;)

    Lina, still trying to figure out my way around it…

  8. + Header – I’m so glad you took the right decision!
    + Links – Hmm… I’m not too fond of green.. I’d play with the CSS on the A tag a bit more.
    + “Another Casualty to the Seduction Of Art” – Oh Man… I’m in love :)

    In summation, I got corrupted by you, downloaded wordpress, and should start blogging soon ;)

  9. Nice edits Roba.

  10. Haha, I didn’t do anything. Yazan did everything! Isn’t he sweet?

    Tim, let us know what the URL is!

  11. yes he is.. if u both needed any help, I’m here :)

  12. sorry again, but your contact page link is broken and your links page needs modification.

  13. shoo sweet hal yazan…kteer ammoor…

  14. 3asal LOL :P

  15. YEAH MAN… This is what I call YOU :)

  16. Mabrooook! This looks great!
    Enjoy :) I am :)

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