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M for… mathematical ability

Yazan says:
Check this… “European researchers have created neuro-chips that fuse together brain cells and microprocessors.
Yazan says:
Around 16,000 transistors are glued to neurons in such a way that they can pass electrical signals to the chip.” Sweet ey?
Yazan says:
We could add a math and navigation unit to your brain
Roobee says:
Yazan says:
u’d be able to count and tell left from right
Roobee says:
i know i suck at math but i have good navigation ya zeft




ey mambo, mambo italiano


  1. LOL.. who likes math

  2. I used to like math, when i i went to buy grocery ;)

  3. This post has been removed by the author.

  4. hehehhem 3an jad zeft! ;)

  5. zeft…:) thats a word form the past… well don’t worry navigation skills are more important than math.. assuming you are telling the truth ;)

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