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Today I had the chance to watch “V for Vendetta”, a movie that I didn’t expect to enjoy much. But as usual, I always end up enjoying the comic-book classics even though I never think I will. The story is too Orwellian and the directing reminded me too much of the famous 1984 Macintosh advertisement, but what the heck, I guess you can’t really go wrong with 1984 and comic books as far as this person is concerned.

The directing was excellent, I want a Guy Fawkes mask. I was also of course greatly entertained by all the anti-conservative details of the movie, as well as the punches at the US’s current “War on Terror”.


Death of an Artist


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  1. MMM

    I loved this movie. I saw it a couple of weeks ago, and I just enjoyed it so much.

    I’m dying to see the movie interpretation of 1984, but it’s nowhere to be found here in Tunisia :(

  2. it is seriously one of the best movies ever, and being set in modern-day London makes it super interesting! I loved the referrence to Guy Fawkes. And as you said, there was some satirical content to the “War On Terror”.

    It’s also interesting how they showed that people became more Racist and Discriminating rather than developping.

    Loved Portman’s acting too! ;)
    and I watched it here! Kinda feels nice! hehe


  3. Funnily enough, i made my parents watch it yesterday… and it was my third time! I love it… it was just too cool…

  4. I saw it earlier this year when it came out at the theaters, and enjoyed it. It didn’t get all that many good reviews in the US, because many were upset (read: thoroughly pissed off) about the “overt” allusions to the Bush administration.

  5. There was a visual reference to Abu Ghraib in the film. Perhaps you spotted it?

  6. When I saw this movie few months ago, I was thinking!! This movie is so clever it will actually make it into the Arab world being censored. And IT DID! While criticizing everything in all totalitarian regimes, and reaching Marxist strides in the ideas. It is still very entertaining at the broader level and almost everyone loves and understands it for different reasons
    This is what I like about the wachovsky brothers. Their movies are not done justice if you watch them only once. The more you watch, the more you understand, the more details you see! It’s really amazing! That’s why “The Matrix” is on my best movies of all time list. Because, This is one trilogy that you can see 15 times, and understand different things every time. (Unlike for example Lord Of the rings, which you will LOVE the first time, then feel meh … yeah got it the second)

    Portman is such an accomplished actor, she’s just so good. And if she continues on this path she will kick more butt .. :) Guess what’s her best quote in Arabic? (Can’t say … too bad, Roba would cut me to pieces if I did)

  7. I saw this a while back here in the US and another couple we know was also in the theater. They’re also Arab but the husband is a total conservative republican. My husband and I came out beaming at the less-than-subtle hints on the destructiveness of US policies, and this republican friend of ours was mumbling and grumbling and highly unimpressed. It was so much fun to debate the merits of the movie with him and see how his conwervative views totally masked his ability to appreciate anything else about the film, artistically or otherwise. :) (sorry for rambling)

  8. Oh Qwaider ya habeeby 3ala her best phrase in Arabic i keep watching that video. Priceless!

    I heard that the movie was good, I’ll watch it

  9. I have the DVD but never had the chance to watch the movie.. well i might try tonight

  10. Hareega … will you please send me that video … I had it … and can’t find it anymore :D
    It’s truly pricessless… she summarized our whole culture in Two words :)

  11. “Remember remember the fifth of november”

    Great Movie.

  12. Roba, I hate you ;) whenever i come here i feel that i don’t know english any more,lol, :)
    i’m joking, but i really find a difficulty reading your post :)

    thanks for sharing,

  13. Ok, you are all morons!

    I am sorry, if you think this movie was good, which is complete kharah compared to the book, and is only decent because it rapes the material of alan moore and uses some of his always excellent lines into making this abomination of a movie, well, I dunno what to call you besides that.

    Roba, I will give you the actual graphic novel when u come to egypt. A GIFT FROM ME TO YOU. After you read it, please watch the movie, and then try not to puke!

  14. check this interview by natalie on the jon stewart show

    Qwaider i’ll check the clip with the cuss words and email u :D

  15. Curt from Houston

    “I was also of course greatly entertained by all the anti-conservative details of the movie, as well as the punches at the US’s current “War on Terror”.”

    Roba, I must say I’m having a hard time figuring you out. You appear to be against the US war on terror but identify yourself as an agnostic. Being an agnostic conservitive myself, I find it puzzeling how a person such as yourself could take the side of people who are mentally stuck in the seventh century. I believe that you have bought into the main stream media’s distorted view of what it means to be an American Conservative today. Reading your blog, I find myself agreeing with most of your world view. While I’m sympathetic to the human condition of the Palistinians for instance, I believe that they have become their own worst enemies. To really compare what passes for liberal thought in the US these days, you might want to visit

    For the conservitive side

    For some conservative femenists

    Let me know what you think.

  16. odeh

    == Warning, spoiler in my comment ==

    I just got redirected here from your Apple 1984 ad. post.. this might just be my first time to ever leave 2 comments on one blog at the same time.. :)

    V for vendetta is just amazing! i remember being a tad skeptic when id first heard about it,(naturally, given my last traumatic experience with a movie based on a comic.. n no, im afraid it just isnt a “graphic novel” to me, a publication with a damned hero n a damned graphical storyboard will just always be a comic book to me)..

    A very strange n messy progression of events rendered me lucky enough to watch V in london, no past movie theatre experience compares to the awkwardness i saw on brits’ faces that night.. towards the end of the movie.. wanting to jump n applause like theres no tommorow at that last festive bit, n then going, hold on a minute! he didnt just blow up our house of parliament to bits! :S hehe..

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