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Allez les bleus

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 115

And so the samba troupe dance their way out of the World Cup, and the roosters cock-a-doodle-dooed their way into the semi-finals. Weeeheee! It’s not that I’m on the French side, but man, I’m so glad Brazil is out.

We’re such a Brazilian country though- where we watched the game, there were literally around 8 people on the French side (including 3 on our table- hi Hala, mwah) and everyone else was Brazilian, flags, shirts and the whole works.


World Cup Mania


Blankness Speaking


  1. Anonymous

    allez les bleus.

    anonymously yours…
    mysterious blue liquid

  2. Gus

    BRAZIL should have won !! Its not fair, they deserve to win.. they played better than france did!


  3. gus I’m disspointed in you man…
    How can you rule out the Zidane factor? All that fancy shmancy Brazillian skill was useless!

    France was superb!

  4. In my neighborhood, they all seemed “french” yesterday.. but I guess it’s because they prefer to see Germany or Italy in the semi-final rather than Brasil..
    and yes it did seem that France was a better team.. but that was just yesterday.. let’s see how it’s gona be like when they play against Italy or Germany.

  5. France did play well, but it’s because Brazil did nothing!

    Anyways Roba, so you are happy that Brazil is out, and indifferent about France, who do you cheer for?The good game, sportmanship/sportBanatship(I’m acting like I’m politically correct o hal gussas tab3at el feminists’ o not being sexist and stuff:D)

    My money is on PORTUGAL , though they should play it the Jordanian way. Get some Hafartal player to kick Zidane’s leg so bad, I mean get him in a coma or something so they sub. him and leave the pitch honorably.

  6. Firas I think Portugal will answer your dreams by getting Zidane out of the pitch…with a red card. They are the masters in manipulating the referees, they are the dirtiest team in the world cup and they will run like spoiled children to the ref each time they tumble on the ground. By the way, all portugal players are Hafartal, lead by the great cheater Luis Figo who drops dead at the ground from the slightest touch. For me, I will be OK with Germany, France or Italy winning but not those dirty cheaters.

  7. hahahaha brazil out hahahahaha.. allahumma la shamata

  8. I don’t support France but i did because they were against Brazil! Brazil have the best players but somehow they don’t function well as team. Their performance in world cup has been rather disappointing but i was afraid they might actually win!
    Now i’m feeling better about Germany’s chance of getting the world cup

  9. Brazil made morocco go out back in 2002. Allah Kbeer

  10. Killer Bee Bop

    Batir said exactly what’s on my mind, with one addition: their coach had the biggest stake in all of this, he’s the mastermind, the corruptor, and one exception: Italy whines and dives too Batir …

    And thanks for deleting my comment Firas, being so damn easily offended, just as I expected, LOL.

    while(FIFA==sell-outs && fans==morons && referees==bought && players==divers_and/or_headbutters); //infinite loop

  11. The french played very well, they deserve it.

  12. nada

    hehe Roba… even taxis here in jordan are so brazilian =P

  13. Zidane is like a fine wine.

  14. Anonymous

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    Associated Press writers Brett Barrouquere in Louisville, Mark Sherman in Washington and Kim Gamel and Robert H. Reid in Baghdad contributed to this report.

  15. Anonymous

    Hrumph! I can’t believe Portugal lost to France though!

    Nice blog, just passing through, checking globalvoices as they link to mine ( and was seeing who wrote for it when your blog came up in the info. Love seeing distant lands through the eyes of a local.



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