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A post I wrote a few weeks ago…

For some reason or another, I’m emotionally attached to my Nokia 7250, which I’ve had since the summer of 2003. I just absolutely love it.

Although its geeky features are extremely limited, I absolutely love it’s physical design, I love the fact that it’s dubbed “Il-Mamlakah”, and I love how I can fit it into my wallet.

Alas though, the battery, which has been replaced several times in the past 3 years, is starting to refuse to remain in place, paper slips slipped under its shaky covers or otherwise. The alarm clock occassionally forgets to wake me up. I get the “black” screen-of-death every too often, and every once in a while, all signs of life appear to freeze its little interface only to be shaken back into reality by taking out the battery.

It really absolutely breaks my heart.

Nokia 7250

And naturally, most of the phones on the market today are not my cup of tea. They’re too bulky and too jam-packed with features that are absolutely unneccessary to me. I don’t like this whole deal of turning the phone into every single gadget possible- I mean, why? Ok, don’t tell me why, I know why, but whatever, I like big bags and my big bags fit a lot of stuff so I don’t want a bulky phone.

If they still manufactured Nokia 7250s, I’m totally willing to buy another one. But since they don’t, the only phone on my mind is another cute, ungeeky phone that derived a “Roba, why the hell do you have to be artsy fartsy? That phone sucks, get something with features!”

Oh, well, features or not, how does one expect me to resist the prettiness of this? I even blogged about it a while ago.

And now it’s mine ;)

Without her knowing…

This is Gus.. we’re secretly posting from her blog without her knowing, she left the post thingy open and we found this as a great opportunity to say HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAY!!! weeeeeeee :P
For six hours Roba has been “informed” of getting an awesome gift.. since then she has been dying to find out what the present is!

This is hisham:) roba is sooooooooooo hyper:) she cant wait to get that present of hers, i say lets punish her and make her wait more, her birthday isnt over until tomorrow night :D haha..i cant wait to see that robaoic expression as she gets her present :) i loooooooooove you roba and happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyy :)))))))))

This is Omar, yea well Ive been running around after Roba preventing her from finding her gift and putting them in high places so she wont find them, because well normally she doesnt try and find them. We just decided not to give here the presents all at once.. ha go burn up some more :P….. Happy birthday Rooobs and 3uqbaul 100 years

ربى حبيبتي كل سنه وانت سالمه
من 21 سنه انا وبابا بدئنا نعرف ايش احلى شئ بالكون
وجودك خلى الحياه احلى
احلى واحلى واحلى
العمر كله انشاء الله

كل سنة وانت سالمة وعقيال 100 سنة
من عمو ثروت وغنى ولانا وديانا واية ورامي
والى الامام

“Sbeshal” Rose

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 473

Seriously. Latest trend. Get one in your boquet for that special someone- marketed as the “Sbecial” sort. Man.


Tawjihi is the Jordanian Highschool Leaving Certificate, and it’s apparently so tough that only 55% of this years round of students from the humanities division passed.

Luckily, to the great happiness of the entire family, my cousin Abed passed (mabrook habeebi), which called for celebration the Jordanian way, getting into cars and beeping the heck out of the horns, although it’s both rude and “illegal” (my job as I’m the car owner).

The first place that popped into my mind was Abdoun Circle, the default place to go beep and spin, spin, spin, but unfortunately, Abdoun Circle is closed this summer. The next best thing was Abdoun Mall, as the Blue Fig Circle is closed as well (damn that bridge, when are they going to finish it? And wow, I’m in such an un-eloquent mood).

And you know, I don’t care if it’s uncivilized, dangerous, and rude, I think it’s awesome.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 400

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 405

Revisiting Confessions

I’ve recently been going back and categorizing each and every one of the 1150 posts that I have written in the past 2 years, and while going through them, I discovered that my life has literally been recorded on the digital pages of this blog. Although it is freaky to a certain extent, the awesomeness beats the freakiness.

Like, why was I so much more interesting last March than this March?
Did I ever really think that this is cool?
Why did I stop being so random?
Oh, my god. I drew this? Shu 3eib.

The same also goes for dates and occassions, and for someone as horrible with dates as I, it’s awesome to have all of these things recorded for future reference. For example, these are real examples that I have been asked recently.

When was Hisham’s graduation last year?” Oh, just Google it, I’m sure you’ll find something on my blog.
When did we go to the Turkish bath thingy?” May 27th, 2005.
Do you remember when Paul left?” Google knows everything.

Yet, the weirdest sensation when looking back at older posts comes with the realization that I have grown so much. I have become more serious a person and less of a happy-go-lucky one. Here’s a post I wrote back in early March 2005 titled “If Confession is the Road to Healing…“, amended to be more realistic with what my confessions would be today.

1. My only sources of world news are Aquacool, Mental Mayhem, and SubzeroBlue(although I keep myself up to date with news related to culture and technology).
Although I haven’t become a news junkie yet, I am definitely addicted to reading the news.

2. I’m a bad, bad, bad parker.
I’m a good parker.

3. I recently learned how to spell restaurant.
The “recently” isn’t too recent anymore, is it?

4. I don’t have an anti-virus software installed on my computer.
Ok, that one still holds true.

5. I recently learned the difference between a democrat and a republican(ahem, ahem)
Same as number three.

6. I’ve been submitting the same research to the same professor for the past 2 semesters.
Yeah, well, that went on, and once I thought I used it too much, I started using other research papers or the research papers my friends wrote earlier. We still do that. It works.

7. I have quite a hard time distinguishing left from right.
Ok, yeah, I think I’m getting worse with that. Like, much, much worse.

8. I’ve unsuccessfully tried to learn a dictionary(and I’ll probably try again eventually).
Last time I thumbed through the dictionary in an attempt to learn any words I didn’t know was a few months back- I used a regular pocket dictionary, and wow, I actually know most of the words. Hilarious.

9. I think FireFox is too yellow.
What? What? What? Firefox is the embodiment of perfection.

10. I never bothered to learn the multiplication table and never will. There’s also no way that I can add, subtract, or divide without using the marvelous calculator.
Ok, that’s also getting worse. My math-related braincells are dying constantly.

Logo 2.0

This awesome; web-2.0-ing classical logos.


Get Firefox!

Added a temporary white background behind the text because I can’t read what I write against gray for the life of me. I like the white better, but as I’m a CSS novice, the white corners and stuff do not not work as well in Internet Explorer (which is a terrible browser anyway) as they do in Firefox.
I’ll fix it eventually, probably even change the whole design, but for now, I would seriously recommend you download Firefox which is like, the best invention since sliced bread ;)

For Lebanon and Palestine…

toot invites bloggers and non-bloggers to write in this blog dedicated to the crisis we are facing in Lebanon and Palestine.

All you need to do to start writing in this blog is to register. The registeration process should not take you more than 30 seconds. You can also contribute to the flickr group of this blog:

Another way to voice your opinion is to leave us a skype voicemail message. We will showcase your voicemail messages everyday.

God bless.

Podcasting Boom

Blogging has been booming in the Middle Eastern world for a while now, but podcasting in our region is still taking baby steps.
The latest on the Middle Eastern podcasting front is a podcast called the dotShow, by an Persian man called Saleh.
And guess who the stars are of dotShow’s pilot episode?
The toot team!
The dotShow interviews Karim, George, Jad, and Wael, so tune in and get to know the team, what they do, and where they want to go. From the dotShow blog, “Advices for startups and new businesses along with an insightful team spirit (fights, disagreements, diversity) that’s a real team spirit that is not hidden to anyone. No faking, no fabricating. I love the way they think.”

Listen to the podcast here.


It’s a sad yet exciting experience moving to a new home. You might find this new home stark as it’s still not completely furnished- there a few paintings that still need hanging, many boxes that need unpacking, and a few plugs that don’t work yet. But it’s in livable condition- there’s fresh content as often as I can serve, and warm water.

That has been home for the past two years, and I have grown to love Blogger. It saw growth, love, fights, stupidity, and a whole ton of art. Unfortunately, I’m afraid it doesn’t fit my things anymore, and I found myself having to move out. That house will stay open, but it will get dusty with the days.

There are new keys, your old keys will open an old house now.

Please update your address books, it’s rude to lead people to an empty house!

Enjoy your stay!

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