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Detour City

Detour City


For the love of…


Kill her. Dead. End of brand.


  1. G

    Its that stupid brigde that took them 2 years to finish!! I wonder how the streets would be when summer REALLY starts and all people start coming here to amman , damn!

  2. ie

    I started to hate the day i bought a car that is not automatic

  3. detours are hell on earth, hell is even better, atleast u know whats goin on and where ur goin!!

  4. In January when I was about to pack and leave. I was able to navigate the detours blindfolded. I think the detours even had better traffic flow (I remember I used to wait at least 20 minutes to get from wadi abdoun light to 4th circle. In Jan it was taking 2 minutes even during rush hour

    although I felt sorry for the home owners in that neighborhood. So much traffic means one thing, trouble. Dents, dings, no parking, hit and run, can’t access garage, cant get out of garage … and a slew of other issues

    Roba what’s the context here? where did you take this picture?
    What were you thinking?
    and is there a message behind it?

    And the most important question is: Are you in love? Mabrook, I heard the good news :) I’m soooooooo excited and happy for you .. Go go Roba

  5. Shy

    Just back from a short vacation in Amman, seeing that sign makes me miss Amman :(

  6. huh? who’s in love? me? how in the world did your geniousness come upon that assumption?

    i don’t remember where this shot was taken.. probably around the same time last summer, somewhere in mekkah street. i just like the dirt effect (due to my very dirty car window), i think it looks cool.

  7. Roba … fess up!
    We know all about you :)

  8. Nope. Amused.
    Dude, if you honestly believe what you said and didn’t just say it to get a reaction from me, I assure you that you know nothing about me.
    So much for my 1400 posts…

  9. Khalas, If you’re too sensitive about this subject I’m not going to pressure you. It’s your choice and I totally respect it :)
    I’m so happy for you eitherway

  10. Killer Bee Bop

    For monkeys’ sake Roba, he’s talking about Warhol! Can you be any dafter? :P

    Note: Word Verification is becoming really hard and annoying for me! :(

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