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When it was spring, every time I’d get on the phone with my parents, they’d ask about the plants. Did the flowers bloom? What colors are the tulips? Is the gardener taking care of the herbs? Naturally, I don’t know anything about plants, so I generally just take pictures and show them later.

This morning, while walking to my car, I couldn’t help but let out of squeel of delight when I saw a tree blooming outside in the garden. When my mother came after spring, she was really disappointed to see that this particular tree wasn’t blooming at all. I hate the fact that she’s missing it, especially as it is so big and pretty, so I just thought I’d blog this picture to show her (hi mommy).


Yay or nay?


Colorless green ideas sleep furiously


  1. beautiful :)
    Hi Aunti. Roobi is a good girl (most of the time)

  2. Oh Wow!
    We are facing the same problem with the same tree. It’s been a while and it’s not blooming. It’s Magnolia, right? I love this flower. So not Cliche! hehehe
    Magnolias and Hibiscus are cool!

    Great Photograph Roba! :D


  3. this is a magnolia grandiflora and indeed it’s beautiful,it is not actually a problem that it doesn’t bloom,it’s only natural,it does not bloom regulraly and when it does not a lot of flowers at one go,maybe this partially why it is this beautiiful..see a landscape course with Dr. Mahadin paid off..

  4. Robee,

    I dont know much about flowers, but I know quite a bit about photography.

    Try taking this same photo when its overcast outside. Or you can use a piece of white cartoon to reflect the light into the shaded areas. This way you can get a better exposure that shows the gradient white rather than blow it out.

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