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Yay or nay?

Worked on this for a school project, not sure I like it enough. What do you guys think?







  1. Definately a Yay

  2. gus

    yaaaaay for sure!!!

  3. definitely Yay, but loose the IE please, don’t you know its evil incarnate?

  4. NAY!

    I think your current layout/template is way better than this one. I like the simple fonts you use here, but not as simple as this fugly Arial you used in there! hehe.

    And the header seems cool, but It just doesn’t match the rest of the layout. You need some sorta uniform shapes. And the Arial is KILLING ME!

    Eventually, it’s up to you.

    Sorry If I’m a bummer! :(


  5. I like it, but your current one is just GREAT! so creative and unique… Id say keep the one you’re having now!

  6. YAY! … looks good to me,

  7. i say YAY YAY YAY! i like! wellek do one for me wellek, i’m a technology idiot.

    Oy, you got sexy ankles there babe. very sexy ankles.

    nevermind, i’m leaving now.

  8. i like it and i find what you did clever, but to my personal taste i would still go with the old one, because it adds a calm side to your busy blog, yeah thats why i still like the old one ;)

    good day.

  9. to be honest, NO don’t..
    the design’s left pannel doesnt match with the other parts and the font is kinda stupid, you’re current theme is much better, also the editing of your legs should be smoother. and the red degree doestn match with the violet/purple whatchamacallit!

  10. Too red…
    Anychance you can add some color to add deapth

  11. No Roba, your current blog design is much better. Your current banner is awesome and I wouldn’t recommend replacing it, not at all!

    I don’t want to be rude, please don’t get me wrong people :S … but I think that those of you who liked the new design only did because of the fact that it is “new”! People always go for change when it comes to interfaces and designs, it doesn’t mean that the new look is always better, again sorry and excuse my opinion :(

    Personally, I don’t like the new design, but I do believe your current template needs some work. I know your blog will look wonderful with some changes. Just pick some new fonts, colours, icons and add few art work! That’s all what your blog needs: redecoration!

    I started my own blog with SimpleBits’ “TicTac” template (the same one you’re using) and I fully customized it into the thing I wanted. I also did a whole blog design for a friend, check here:

    If you want help on “redecoration”, I got some ideas in mind :)

  12. i like it because your ankles are very cute ;) but the one you have now is great. i cant explain why but it just matches you and your posts.

    wish i was that creative and html savvy to make something for my blog :P

  13. hello
    I am a long time reader, first time commenter. i want to say that I am proud of being a Jordanian for many reasons. one of them is that you, as a Jordanian, show a high level of intelligence and sophistication.

    thanks for taking my call. o shukran lal bath el mobasher.

  14. I like everything except the header.. let me rephrase, the header is good but the current one is better

  15. I do like the header (what can I say, I’m an architect), but the current one is better. Also, I like the “burnt” shade of red you are currently using. The one in your image is to “pinky”.

  16. I’m guessing you’ll eventually tally the votes, and add a bit of your own biases one way or the other, but count a big yay from me! I LOVE it, and I’m ready for change.

  17. I say OUI* to the new header because,
    A) The colors actually match [unlike the current dark-pink on a greenish bg (+ you can’t find any other green anywhere else on your blog)]
    B) The pic to the left has lots of meaning with what’s portrayed in the background (the ‘Amman’ sign post – very nice)
    C) Emphasis on B)

    How about applying this new template to your blog for about a day or two? It’s long enough to give you a descent yay or nay ;)

    * the yay strictly goes to the header with the exclusion of the title and the menu buttons that follow
    A) The title’s font is rather plain IMHO (perhaps on purpose? Avoiding it from being eye catchy?)
    I would replace it with the new one
    B) The menu buttons seem like a very last minute addition… They don’t belong there right. The current menu structure is great, and should definitely keep it (positioned to the right)

  18. header is very good (but the typography in it is quite weak and soulless). But there is just too much unnecceary stuff down the page. The little line under the post title, the triangle bit of red for the archive, the bar that holds home, about and portfolio).

    Also the overuse of red is weaking its effect (red header, background, type, bits and pieces).

  19. Nothing left for me to say… :)

  20. I think its ok, but I am sure you have much more in you ;) I guess you agree, otherwise no opinions would have been sought ;)

  21. good, but u can make better

  22. Nas

    just work on the “and far away font” the menu with the home/about doesnt look good, and tone down the red just a bit (maybe the left side background can be white.

    other than that hell yay

  23. YAY indeed ;)
    but as the specialists have said, its the font….
    how about changing the style and header, but keeping the font you are currently using,
    and the “And Far Away…” in the header to be as the stamp you have now on your current header…. with big white street sign letters
    now that will look cool ;)

  24. I really like it .. It’s cool!

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