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Road Rage

I’m often accused of being too aggressive a driver (“people like you cause road rage!”), and admittedly, I do use driving as anger management every now and then. Although I’m usually a nice calm person, piss me off while I’m driving and I have no problem rolling down my window and having a cow (hi zooks).

Isn’t this awesome? Driv-emocion gives drivers the ability to express themselves traffically without getting too extreme. Your standard :) and :( are options while text such as “back off” and “thanks” offer a more direct expression. I’m not sure it’s expressive enough for me, but I love it anyway.

Beep. Beep.

+ Core77


How, em, politically correct




  1. oh this is toooo cool i got to get this!

  2. oh shoot, i just went to their site and i wanted to check the price, and they say they are out of stock :P

  3. ooo i want one of these on outside of my door :D

  4. OH MY GOD!!!!

    OH MY GOD!!!

  5. Makes me want to buy a car just to get one of them !

  6. Crap….This is my idea … god damn it!
    I swear, I had this idea since I was back in school. I apprently told too many people about if …

    F this !! :(

  7. Hmm,dont mean to spoil the fun:p but would it be accepted to use? I mean the fine of using a mobile phone is like 20-50 JD’s. I find it a bit distracting, especially when ones angry and then one also wants to find the matching emotion:p

  8. The way I thought about it would be to have a little console with big buttons that has the icon or word on it. Then when you click it. It scrolls across the back of the car!
    Damn thievs stole my idea :( I wanna sue

  9. How about the finger? Can it give people the finger?

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