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Walls of Gaza

“Target” by Palestinian artist Laila Shawa, of a boy whose face is in the cross hairs of a rifle.

Shawa uses photographs of the ‘raw dialogue of graffiti’ on the walls of her hometown, Gaza, to bear witness to the brutalisation of lives, and in particular the impact of the ongoing conflict on children.


Closed for Redecoration




  1. that hurts!

  2. Talal

    Bass ya3ni sometimes you have to wonder…Who in their right MIND would let those kids see their dead friend/sibling/whatever?! And worse, just let them sit there and soak it all up! That’s just cruel, and totally uncalled for…

    This just sucks, man.

  3. Talal, yeah, I wondered the same thing when I saw the picture… It’s a cycle of hate, a cyle of rage.
    It’s so sad.

  4. I think it’s just that death is very much a part of everyday life for them, and we as outsiders can never understand it.
    this is beyond sad

  5. the photograph is a heart-breaker!
    I’ve never seen such sad kids,
    and little kid is lying there… :(

    Laila Shawa is at Middle East Now in The British Museum
    Check Here

  6. 3aBBaS

    Walla we’ve reached a point that we hear about dying palestinians everyday and we do nothing..we dont even blink..or say got so pepsi’s free gifts…

    Guys..we are sooo going down…

  7. Yeah I was thinking the same thing, I mean isn’t it just crazy to let kids witness such graphic events?

    The problem with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, is that we both are the most stubborn societies on earth. Really, we bleed, they bleed, they cry, we cry; I just wished if the mutual hate would stop. And what’s more depressing is that you can find quite a big proportion of Israelis who don’t really carry hate towards Arabs, they might be afraid, but it’s not hate, but on the other hand it’s hard to find one Arab who doesn’t despise Israeli people.

    I guess it’s because religion has a big influence on our lives, while the majority of Israelis are secularists basically.

    It’s depressing, and it’s becoming very boring. I hope this’ll stop some day.

  8. when something becomes a constant in your life or society, others may see it as odd, and may never understand.

    unfortunately this is becoming the norm, a constant, and as long as things keep going the same, it wont change.

    what are we to do? think about it guys. Its all about the money. Money is making stuff like this become a constant, a norm.

    things can change if we as individuals decide to give up on certain things, decide to stand up and say something about it, change something in our own personal life to create change, whether it means to write a letter or to boycott a certain product. we can do something as individuals.

  9. Those are tough palestinian kids. What may seem to us as heart breaking to have them witness to them it is just what the Israeli war machine has brought

    We keep blabbing about wesern ideas about kids this … kids that. Kids are smarter than you think. They’ve always been subjected to many many horrors. I am sorry they had to go through it like this. But sometimes its worth hurting to say one last goodbye your play friend. To your neighbour. To your brother or sister. It would break your heart to see them like that. It would break your heart even more when you can’t say good bye

  10. Allah kbeer. Nothing will be forgotten.

    I just hope that we start doing more.

  11. This hurts so much to see…. But we do see so many photos and hear to many death reports in Palestine and in Iraq …but what do we do about it? Nothing! best case scenario we feel bad for a couple of hours and then go to the mall for lunch …

    We would have been so better of if every picture changed but a little bit in our outlook to life and others … hopefully we will one day become a more positive nation, that does something more than shed tears

  12. I wonder if seeing such pics makes us feel weak, or may be make realise how much we need to challenge cicumestances,but from history perspective I think we should not give up, because Israel is in the region for less than a centry, compared to other occupations which remained sometimes more than 600 years,so we needn’t to say we failed, we are still in the begining in our struggle to free palestine.
    and we shouldn’t forget that there is always a price,stop feeling sad, occupation means killing, and killing.
    thank you for this post.

  13. do u think if those littel kids weren’t sitting there they wont realise that their friend is dead, or they won’t feel as sad, those recation will be the same on their faces wether they saw him or not…you don’t know the impact that death leaves inside a little kid… i guess its better for them to see whats going on so they can becarefull next time cause israel is bomimg left and rigth n we dont want another 3 kids dead when they bomb a car for the secound time,
    i wonder if one of those kids in the background would stay alive for another week,
    the only person to be blamed is the one(n everyone) who is responsible for the little’s boy death. n hundred’s of kids dead around the world because of wars

  14. Anonymous

    Going through some of the comments above, specially Pheras one, I wanted to tell you that out their in Palestine, their little kids who are much brave and strong than you!… They appreciate their home land as much as you appreciate life!… I am an insider and I know excatly when the kids want to hear about peace! you think they are tough as one guy said, no their not tough, they are becoming mature fairly early!… they can outspeak most of you who went to schools! come and see in Rammallah and Gaza how kids are holding their love to their stolen land!… I honsetly feel ashamed that I cannot endure what they can! Viva Palestinian Childern!

  15. Anonymous

    This picture hurts soo much, I have no words to say how I feel.

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