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Closed for Redecoration


The other day I felt like having a Doolab sandwich, basically kabab done the shawerma way in this tiny place in a hidden alley in Sweifieh. To my surprise, I found a big banner that loudly said “Closed for redecoration”.

Today, I went to have shawerma at my favorite shawerma place, a cheap Turkish stall in Jabal il-Hussein. I looked and looked for the store among the plentitude of stalls, then I saw a small white paper glued to the only closed stall. Closed for redecoration. WHATTT?

Why is Amman becoming more design conscious all at the same time?!

It sort of reminds me of Tom & Jerry, a little hamburger place that was down the street from my grandmother’s house growing up, and probably my favorite diner in the world at that point. One summer, we came to Amman to find the front door of Tom & Jerry sporting a “Closed for redecoration” sign. It hung there for a very long time. Tom & Jerry never got through to redecorating and the place never opened again.


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  1. was that the one in shmeiasni willa the one on the seventh circle, becuase Tom&Jerry was a multi-store franchise (i guess). We used to have school field trips to that joint

  2. Shmesani ;)

  3. next time u can go to “Abu Hassan elfawwal” he never make decoration , am sure, and he will welcome u any time 24/7

  4. EP

    oh god!

    It used to be my favourite place EVER! Isn’t it close to 3ata 3ali and those places?

    It was teh best place EVER.. they had a TV and they put Tom and jerry cartoons 24/7..

    You’re killing me.. I miss the OLD amman.. not the new one..

    -kills self- as usual.. after reading your posts.

  5. I usually get depressed during Amman’s summer; people always have houses’ reconstructions… shops are under construction/ redecoration! And of course the government is rebuilding the infrastructure all the time to increase the horrible traffic! I’m wondering if summer tourists enjoy their time here! Nice post :-) and oho try the very yummy Lebanese shawerma ” KARAM” in Swefieh, or “SISTERS” in Abdoun o ed3eeli :-)

  6. 3aBBaS

    Tom & Jerry! wow i remember that hamburger! 7th circle as to “Abo shafee2” for shawerma & falafel! There was also “Hungry bunny” sandwishes Bus right after the 7th circle. “El batreeq” um othaina. sho fe kaman?

  7. Hey Roba,I’m not familiar with that sandwich,I’d like to try it though(after they finish decorating)can you please provide directions?

  8. Roba, closed for decoration is usually an excuse, they are most likely closed because they are forced to by the government, that might be for expired goods, lack of hygine or other reasons, its just like when a gas station closes down they say for construction and other reasons when in reality its because they were selling cheated fuel

  9. Hi Mohammad, apparently, Karam only have chicken shawerma and as I don’t eat chicken…. thanks for the tip anyway :)

    3aBBaS, was it “Hungry Bunny”? I remember it being “Funny Bunny”.. Haha, it was such a pink bunny!

    Salam, um… I have no idea how to dellek… lets see.. do you know where Karam Shawerma is?

    Sabri, I know :( It sucks. I love both these places so much. Anyway… the Doolab place apparently really is redecorating cause you can see the warsheh… parquet o mish 3arfeh shu.. but I have a feeling that the Jabal Il Hussein shawerma place is closed for good. Sob.

  10. Anonymous

    i found this blog (belsodfeh) and i cant stop reading it i like the way you write

  11. Anonymous, thank you :)

  12. 3aBBaS

    Anonymous, you should see the way she eats kaman :P

  13. I could never get why people liked Tom&Jerry. Really.

    I mean my wife also loved it, but there was not a single thing about it that I found loveable.

  14. yes isn’t that the one right next to fares?

  15. One day, i’ll reopen Tom&Jerry!!

  16. Anonymous

    you are most welcome … keep up and ill keep reading (unless my boss Caught me then ill be begging in the streets )

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