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My favorite thing about the World Cup…

… the Tunisian commentator of ART, Isam Il-Shwaly. Seriously. He’s awesome- absolutely random and insanely passionate about soccer.
He makes me laugh so hard.




حواديت كأس العالم


  1. moi

    I love him too! He’s my favorite. I love how he talks and finds all these rhyming words in Arabic related to soccer. It’s so fun to watch it and listen to him :) Yallah, back to the game!

  2. I am sure I know who he is, but I am not familiar with the name. I googled the name, but didnt get anything. Do you have a link Roba?

  3. Killer Bee Bop

    Shut up all of ya, what the heck? He SUCKS! He was the one on the only free aired game so far, right?

    You too Roba? Got a subscription? SHAME on you !! … :@

    Spain was AWESOME! :D


  4. بر زمر يا كيلر

  5. he is so lazeez :)

  6. I hate the man’s guts. He’s the reason why I watch the World Cup in English.

  7. I’m more like Shaden, I prefer commentary in English, they talk less and they’re quiet. Arab commentators talk so much, about the French Revolution, about the elegies that they’re written for the soccer players, about every country’s population; they just have to talk, and they distract me from hearing the crowds, I love hearing the crowds.

    I guess people who talk a lot (like myself) doesn’t like other blabber mouths. God I have to turn everything into talking about myself; But I don’t really mind. haahahahaha

  8. aish ya3ni bitjakri feena 3ashan i7na masakeen mo sa77ilna ni7dar il ka2s :(

  9. He’s funny but just like Shaden and Pheras said.. I find it too much the way they all keep shouting.. I turn most of the time to the english channel.

  10. onzlo

    Hes cool!

    the suckiest by far is the Egyptian guy, he keeps repeating the stupidest facts every two minutes, during the Portugal-Angola game he must have repeated the oh so shocking fact that “both these countries speak the same language, which is by the way Portuguese” like a zillion times.

  11. moi

    Killer bee bop, calm down, he’s just a sports commentator :) And what’s wrong with people getting the subscription? I think it’s fine to attack ART for what they did, but there’ no need to blame people who choose to subscribe for the games. Personally, we have a package here in the States that happens to include a few ART channels, so we got lucky.
    Oh, and I love the way he says “koora” (ball), so cute! I haven’t heard commentary in English, I just don’t think it would get me as hyped up as the Arabic does.

  12. I AGREE! Today he was talking about the damn Berlin wall during the Germany-Poland game, and saying which player was from East germany, which was from West…HILARIOUS. I’m so worried he’s gonna give himself a heart attack though! He cracks me up.

    And Killer Bop whatever your name is, she DIDNT get ART, she’s watching the game wherever it’s aired, don’t just to conclusions, EFT.

  13. Killer Bee Bop

    But she’s talking about the A.R.T. commentator! What did I miss in here? :|

    And Lina got A.R.T., and most people I know! :(

    7add ytarjimly leilouta ya jamaa3ah bleeenz … :|

    And Hal, my name is Killer Bee Bop, ¿está claro? ;)

    Shukran li da3mikom Shaden wa Pheras! And Pheras, EXACTLY man! THE CROWDS! :D

    Now some commentators can really entertain with their blabbering mouths, but with this guy (if it’s the same guy on the Germany vs. Costa Rica game) it’s totally different, his tone rafa3at dhagh6y ya jamaa3ah! He is sooo ANNOYING and all that comes out of his mouth is bollocks, hence my fury! :P

    moi, attack them by boycotting them, bad-mouthing them is like spitting in the wind without the fundamental stand.

    You guys should check out Chin Chaw Chon’s commentary, it r0x0rs! ;)

    Go easy on me now, I’m your favorite Bee Bop, a decent bloke all in all! :P


  14. I hate that guy. He’s so annoying, and just like Shaden, that’s why I watch games with the English commentary. Actually, not just him, most of ART staff are awful. You pay a whole lotta money, and then you get annoying commentary, stupid analysis, and bad transmission. Talk about perfect customer service!

  15. LooooL :D

    Law Sama7tu ma 7ada yeeji bi Killer Bee Bop :)

    Commentary in English?? How could you Shaden and Pheras? If it’s that same guy I’m thinking of then Oh boy he’s so monotonous!!

    Bee Bop you’re right I’m ashamed of the fact that I got an ART subscription instead of being creative like everyone else and getting the software that enables you to watch on other channels. But even then, you’re stuck with the ART commentator, because what people do is watch the game on some German channel but mute the voice and put the radio nearby where AmmanNet broadcasts the games (from ART)

  16. Roba you’ve hooked up with ART?

    Okay I’m with you Killer Bee Bop (who ever you are) shame on you!

    Okay the real reason I didn’t get ART is because I don’t have time and I’ll be out of Jordan :D, but I’m BSing the thing as if I’m taking a stand or something, don’t tell anyone. Though if I stay in Jordan, does it make sense to get ART for the last 10 days of the WCup? This is hte question

  17. Killer Bee Bop

    Oh thanks sweet Lina! >:-]

    Chin Chaw Chon’s (et al) commentary is great, wallah! (Also it’s lagging 3 minutes so the Radio thingy is out of the question! :P)

    7add ytarjimly leilouta ya jamaa3ah bleeenz … :|


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