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My favorite thing about the World Cup…


  1. Anonymous

    That’s me and my sister, and our female cousins… my other cousins just groan and ignore us gigling in the backround. Thanks for posting!

  2. LOL,
    ok that’s why u like world cup eh?

  3. I used to think there was this idea of single-team hotness, but times have changed. I’m more of a one-player gal these time around. Well, one player for each time, anyway. And here I was thinking that I was less of a slut… haha.

  4. And by “for each time” I meant “for each team.” I’m not less slutty, but am less articulate. Le sigh.

  5. yeah sho ya3ni, i root for female tennis players based on hotness also :P

  6. *Sigh* Girls!!

    Did I mention how much i love Totti?

  7. all my conversations on msn specialy this time about World Cup :)

  8. bitches … !!!!!

  9. I think the whole world agrees that the Italians are the hottest. And I’m saying that even as a straight guy!

  10. Mirror

    yeah sho ya3ni
    all girls root for me too because i am hot…and i am sick of this
    i am sick of girls checking me out from the outside
    sho ya3ni if i am the hottest guy in the world? i am a human being

    i think i should cover myself for now on?

    do you girls have any extra 3abaya??

  11. This is so demeaning to men! Please stop treating us like objects; we are more than 6 packs and broad shoulders.

    I am so offended!!
    We have feelings, what matter is inner beauty you know.

    Actually we guys are cool with this, unlike others ;)
    Wow you’ve changed my perspective on soccer! I’ll start watching figure skating in retaliation

  12. Yes Yes! I second Firas!
    We’re not Objects! Yes We are more than 6 Packs, We Have Kroosh!!!

    I am offended too…
    Yes we have feelings!

    Hey Firas, check that girl out…
    See? FEELINGS!

    What’s wrong with Shabaab el Su3odeyyeh ya Roba? Mush 7aram 3aleiki??

    Btw, I was repeating after Firas…
    if you didn’t notice! LOL

  13. hahhaha come on u guys do u actually beleive there is a girl out there that watches football 4 football?? hahahaha i dont even know who won the last mondial and barely know the rules of the game!! lol
    jd this post is funny!! u got it right!!

  14. Killer Bee Bop

    Check out Spaniards and Portuguese, kicks Italianos’ arses! ;)

    No I’m not gay, and you know it! :P

    And Iyas should have seen Las Españolas today, people should root for Spain not Brazil! :D

  15. Anonymous

    my sister and i do the same thing, we were like (germany!!ballack!!!)
    and then my brother said, name one player in germany other than ballack…u shouldve seen the expression on our faces.

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