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Where is the anger?

When I read that Zarqawi had died, I felt nothing- no sense of satisfaction, no sense of relief, no sense of justice. He is but a name, and unfortunately, the name isn’t the problem, the problem is a mentality, hardrooted into god-knows how many people.

As the days passed and people reacted, the nothingness I felt turned into rage.

The “sees-sees-sees-Zarqai-ya-khasees” (anti-Zarqawi) chant is still fresh in my ears from the demonstrations that took place in November, but now after his death, the chants have turned into “bil roo7, bil dam, nafdeeka ya Zarqawi” (pro-Zarqawi). What the hell? Is our condition that bad? Has the brainwashing reached this extent? Or are we just emotional idiots who change our stands depending on circumstances?

Then to only escalate matters and make my rage soar, deputies of the Jordanian Islamic Action zeft in Jordan went to his funeral and refered to him a “martyr”, someone fighting for the “Islamic” cause. One of the deputies, Mohammed Abu Faris, attended prayers for Zarqawi’s soul during Friday prayers, and called him a “martyr”, “unlike” the victims of Amman’s November bombings.

MY GOD. THESE STATEMENTS CAME FROM ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES. Echoing Batir Wardam, as a Jordanian citizen, I am ashamed that such individuals are a part of the Jordanian Parliament, our national representatives!

What the heck can be done to halt the growth of such agendas in our country?!

As angry as such, I decided to attend the sit in that took place today in protest of the ‘pro Zarqawi’ behavior of the four Islamic Action Front deputies. What greeted me there made me even more angry. The sit-in was full of protestors, yes it was, but there were no Ammanites. I was the only female, and probably one of less than a dozen Ammanites attending- IN THE MIDDLE OF AMMAN.

What the hell, Amman? Where is the anger? These representatives are supportive of actions that murdered our own blood and soil. The sit-in was two streets up from the Radisson SAS, where one of the bombings happened, in the very middle of our city, in the very middle of our wound, at a time when the insane sick assholes may attack another target across the street from our houses- and we sit silently and watch?!

What the hell does it take to move us against such atrocities?!

demonstrations demonstrations demonstrations
demonstrations demonstrations


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  1. I couldn’t make it and you’re the only person i know that went.
    I’m usually in your position: Angry at the apathy, at the indefference and the dispassion of people who don’t protest against something that harms them directly. Well today I’m one of those people. My excuse: I work in Sahab and couldn’t be there for the sit-in.
    Anyway, Roba let’s not make “anger over Amman’s apathy” the main issue here, the issue is that there are folks that believe violence against innocents is sometimes excusable, and in the case of Zarqawi even rewardable.
    What we can do is get in touch with groups accross Amman, and organize a rally on a FRIDAY in two weeks or so! That way you will have thousands attending. Hell my teta would go.

  2. People are in dilemma! they don’t know what to think. The guy is Evil, killed by another Evil! Should they hail or condemn the first or the second evil?
    another confusing question; If the whereabouts of the guy were known, why wasn’t he captured? Brought to justice? Maybe he didn’t do anything and he’s a scapegoat?
    The people of Jordan are so confused at the moment.

  3. Nas

    roba, i share your frustration but the problem is we can’t compare recent incidents to the sentiments which were born in post 11/9. we just cant compare it when it comes to public anger.

    lastly, it’s actually not such a bad thing that no Ammanites were there. I mean im sure there were unless you asked everyone. i say this because amman’s position is commonly known as opposed to the rest of the country. so the fact that these people from outside amman showed up says a whole lot.

    also the protest was sudden and in the middle of a workday. it should’ve been organized for friday or thursday. you cant mobilize in 24 hours.

    that being said, I appreciate that you attended and took pictures. hope you dont mind if i post them on my blog

  4. Nas

    p.s. the title of this post for some reason reminded of the black eye’d peas “where is the love?” lool

    not exactly the emotion you were trying to express

  5. Qwaider: people know what the media want them to know, and NOBODY KNOWS THE TRUTH…

  6. In the last few days I heard 2 phrases that mainly stuck to my head:
    1- By the lawyer of the Islamic BH in Egypt, he said “Whoever makes our enemies (especially US) said and frustrated should make us happy and what makes them happy should make us sad.”
    2- By one of the Saudi activitist who is asking for the reformation of the educational sylubus in Saudi Arabia and he said “When good norms are being asked for by bad persons, that doesn’t make it bad itself, and should not make us refuse it.”
    This just shows what we are living, we are seeing through the eyes of hatred we hate this people so we wait for their action and then decide our reaction, we cannot be an action fo ourselves, we don’t have case to believe in other than hatred.

  7. I was in the set-in and I thought it was a complete chaos and not organized at all. The participants where from many parts in Jordan and they were struggling with each other for the microphone to shout and hail the usual slogan. I heared only one or two members of the families of victims. This is why we need desperately an organized socail movement in Jordan that can stand against the isalmists and yet be inclusive and modern enough to mobilize people in the streets in a civilised way.

  8. Oh, I was busy as I had to help my mother with stuff, also we had an early lunch.

    Anyways, if such assholes exist in the government, let the government deal with it; Islamists have a good way of twisting facts and they’ll make one eventually “cursed and damned by god”, and people are going to believe them, not you.

    I bet if there were more numbers of people, the police would’ve interferred and a lot of people would’ve been detained. I don’t wanna be detained honestly. Call me a coward, call me whatever, but that’s what I think. It just isn’t worth it.

    So what if such people walked in his funeral, they’re his followers, what do you expect? Don’t you think that they’re pissed off because you’re against what they believe in?

    I think that the demonstrations didn’t do and won’t do anything, if you really want to help, start a petition, start a party that opposes Islamists (which doesn’t exist in Jordan, and that’s why such people are really afraid of anybody). Demonstrations (at least in Jordan) won’t lead to anything, they’re only bad for your health. Name one demonstration here that changed something, yeah I thought so.

    Even some demonstrations that were led by members of the royal family didn’t find any support, do you really think that a bunch of people can make a difference? Even if they were let’s 50,000, they can’t make a difference, for many reasons:

    -there’s nobody or not one party that represents an anti-Islamic deposition in Jordan.
    -whatever new rules or new laws should seek the approval of top Jordan family members, i.e: 3idwan, majali, 3badi. you know. Because they’re the ones who are the movers and shakers in Jordan.

    What I think is that you’re wasting your energy, time and emotion. Did you get anything solved? Sorry, but that’s my opinion.

  9. Atheist Husams

    Roba, let’s just say I equally felt irritated about two things happened at the same time, the deputies of Jordanian Islamists going to the funeral, and the clip of Huda crying her dead family in front her lately on the news, so If I yelled my voice up standing for one and ignoring the other, my hypocritical being will keep etching me inside, thus prefer not to be a part. I know it’s a negative attitude, but it’s my excuse, as Sha3teely said it best in his last post, ana 3arabi.

  10. I am proud of my people, they’re voicing themselves better these days, channels are being open, whether on a small scale like blogs and journals, or on a bigger one like demonstrations, letters, whatsoever.

    Roba, thanks for the photos, I wanted to see badly how did it go. And as for the sit-in, I don’t think it was quite organised way ahead. Batir, Humeid and You announced it like yesterday and I’m sure people wanted to go but couldn’t. As for you seeing people who cheered the man up, others who cursed him…you saw your share of the good and bad I guess.

  11. The people who elected those Parliament members mostly elected them because they believe that Islam should be ruling. I dont know but ‘Islam’ that people elected those members for is not the same ‘Islam’ these members are practicing.

    We have much problems, and we are back to your point : education.

    I think what the government is doing now is enough ; just ignoring the events and keeping silent. What else could be done ?

  12. LOL@Pheras!
    Anti-Islamic ya pheras. Fada7tna!
    Dude, anything that has the name, progress, national(including Baath), socialist, communist, constitutional ..etc that doesn’t include “Islamic” in the name are non-islamic parties.
    Islamic parties are bunch of parties to the right of the political spectrum. They exist in almost all nations. In the US these are the right wing republicans. In Israel the right wing religious parties …etc
    By the way, not all Islamic parties support Zarqawi, some do, some don’t depending on their affiliations.
    As for the rest of the spectrum… alas, the situation is just like in the US, they’re many, but hardly effective.

  13. Anonymous

    We sorely need an anti-Islamic platform in Jordan. The Islamists have dominated politics for way too long. Despite the fact that they are not in power, they are the only independent political entity in Jordan. To me that is disgusting.

    I still don’t see the basis for an Islamic statry is. History is wrought with examples of theocracies failing miserably. Islam might have been conducie to development 1400 years ago but no longer. The fall of Andalusia 600 years was the final nail in the coffin of progressive Islam.

    Interestingly enough, these IAF bastards always see voice the past accomplishments of Islamic civilization as their primary example, however if we could resurrect the great centres of learning from that time period, the IAF would appear as a bunch of fundamentalist ass-holes compared to the progressiveness of the former Arabian centres of learning especially in southern Spain or Andalusia.

    some osrt of political action MUST be galvanized against the IAF. Hopefully someone will rise to the challenge, perhaps the Jordanian Communist Party can rally some support. Not that I support Communism in any way, but the Communists would be in a great ideological position to oppose the IAF. Unlikely though,

    However one must admit that Jordanplanet represents a very distinct and miniscule Jordanian demographic, primarily the upper middle class, and unfortunately this is only a tiny slice f Jordanian society,

    I think the IAF will inevitably continue to enjoy a lot of support from the majority of Jordanians.


  14. Husams, I most definitely agree with you.

  15. Anonymous


    “One of the deputies, Abu Fares had attended prayers in the industrial city of Zarqa , 25km northeast of Amman for al Zarqawi’s soul during Friday prayers and called him “a martyr”. The three other deputies had visited al Zarqawi’s house, on Friday to give their condolences to his families.

    “Al Zarqawi’s family received hundreds of well-wishers who flocked to a tent set up near their home to pay their respects.”

    ..Aww look at the photo he’s a nice smiley family man isnt he?

    Hundreds of wellwishers. Wow this is every racist cartoon view we westerners have about muslim arabs personified and justified. Sorry to you but I dont want to hear anything about unfair hollywood stereotypes anymore.

  16. fywYou are Gada3a :)

  17. Anonymous

    how the hell you knew that it was Zarqawi or anyother Muslim who did Amman’s explosions? No I am not conspiracy theorist.

  18. amjad027

    Ruba you felt great and acted great , I cant have heat at my heart but I must stand against who aprove heatness and killing who ever he was the Zarqawee or ?George Bush or Islamic figures who can’t understand the core of islam or any religion ,and we cant blind our eyes of what is wrong or what is right.

  19. Anonymous

    “Has the brainwashing reached this extent? Or are we just emotional idiots who change our stands depending on circumstances?”

    We all want an explanation to what is happening, yet we all ignore the reason behind this great contradiction in our society, well if many people support fighting against Iraq invaders why would these fighters attack jordan and the people who actually support them, well the missing link is actually an intentionally forgotten one, people in jordan like to go round and round inside the circle which they are not allowed to cross, they don’t care that they are not getting anywhere as long as they are obeying instructions they are happy. Neither in November nor now did anybody mention the real reason for what is happening in jordan, NOONE DARES.

    By the way, you people are no better than the US while I support all forms of opposing terrorism, why don’t you people object when jordanians visit the so-called israel which is basically the largest group of terrorists in one place, didn’t they kill more jordanians than zarqawi, don’t they still have jordanian prisoners, so do you really care about jordanians or do just like to swim with the flow.

  20. “I oppose all kinds of terrorism BUT…”

    “I condemn all terrorsists BUT especially Israel..”

    Previous anon, are you stupid, or do you think everyone else is?

    Make up some new code words, the things you say are so 2003.

    And remove BUT from your vocabulary. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and then stop talking.

  21. Anonymous

    programmer craig, yes in your case I think you are stupid, and thank you for proving my point, so the main stream now in jordan has changed from 2003 and that is why you are following it, not because you care not because you understand what is happening but because you are just another puppet. Notice that I did not say that zionists are killing palestinians and that is why we they are considered terrorists which I agree is an old but true statement, I was just wondering if the jodanian blood is so precious why don’t you people care about those killed or arrested by zionists, again because jordanian people are just posers just like you.

  22. to the blogger:
    The palestinians are being slaughtered daily by the zionists army…In haditha and Samara pregnant women are being killed and the rest of the muslim world are in chaos….And your protesting about what again? Is your blood more worthy than anyone else? What have you done to help the palestinians or iraqis? How many american/israeli occupation soldiers have you killed? your just cyber warrior, lol. And your rambling is not helping anyone, if you have a problem with our religion; islam, then leave it, but don’t you dare criticise it.
    Sitting in…….lol, zft zft!

  23. Al-Hajeji, yes, I have never “killed” anyone and I pray to whoever is up there to never put me in a position where I need to kill anyone, regardless of who they are.
    Jordanian blood is not more valuable than anyones blood. Blood is blood. But naturally, I am more affected by Jordanian apathy towards Jordanian blood spilling than by Jordanian apathy to other things. But apathy is apathy, and I am against apathy in all its forms.
    And seriously- who the heck are you to judge what I have done and what I haven’t done? I will not elaborate because I do not care what people know about me or see- as they say, e3melo il kheir o kebbo bil ba7ar- but I assure you that at least for Palestine, I have done more than you could ever possibly imagine.

  24. In haditha and Samara pregnant women are being killed and the rest of the muslim world are in chaos…

    Mostly by people like you, Al-Hajeji, judging by the profile pic you used and the statements you made. How many Iraqis have you killed? Read some Iraqi blogs if you want to see what Iraqis think of people like you. Jihadis are the only people in Iraq less popular than Americans. You should be proud. Even people like Riverbend are now calling for American troops to do something about your kind. Why don’t you go attack some Israeli soldiers or some American soldiers, if you think you’re such a man? I’m sure they will be happy to send you to Allah… At which point, I suspect you will have quite a lot of explaining to do.

  25. Anon 3:39,

    (ignoring gratuitous personal attack)

    so the main stream now in jordan has changed from 2003 and that is why you are following it

    What makes you think I was talking about Jordan? I was talking about you. You say one thing when you mean another. It doesn’t work anymore. People have caught onto the justifications and the qualifications. Don’t try to hide your intent behind platitudes. It makes you look like a liar, and it doesn’t fool anyone, anyway.

    Be more like Al-Hajeji. He wants what you do – dead Americans, and dead Jews. Unlike you, he says so.

  26. Meshan Allah guys, just leave the Islam alone! It has nothing to do with all those stuff and people, and then why don’t we talk about hates and personal interests away from religion! Islam is justice, power and way of life, Islam= logic, so if you think that those scenarios are logical ,stick them to Islam, if not, just look for the truth, the real truth… away from any media puppets that we’re following… away from age full of violence, legends and bubbles of lies. If you got a clear conclusion just let me know so I can “move against such atrocities” as Roba said.

  27. rorrim (Mirror)


  28. To craig: I’ll just ignore you.

    To blogger who said: “but I assure you that at least for Palestine, I have done more than you could ever possibly imagine. ”

    Hmm…So when is your next sit-in?
    Maybe you can be the next “mozlem” ghandi.
    Nice knowing you.

  29. To craig: I’ll just ignore you.

    You won’t kill many Americans by ignoring them. You plan on just hating them to death or what?

    Hmm…So when is your next sit-in?

    How ironic.

  30. Anonymous

    programmer craig
    il moshkileh innak ma fhimit shu biddi a7ki, o 3miltlilli feeha abu il 3orraif, ana ba7ki 3an ishi mokhtalif tamaman, o inta zay il asad nazil titfalsaf o bas biddak ittali3ni kazzab, ma ra7 arja3 a3eed illi 7akaito irja3 iqra2o shatour ba3dain iza tili3 ma3ak rad 3ala illi ana katabto moo 3ala il 7aki illi inta mitkhaylo i7kili.
    hint: ana kol illi ba7ki 3an il nas fil ordon ma jibit seerit la yahood wala amercan.

    bil nisbeh la Roba, kol il nas 3imlo la falasteen “more than anyone could imagine”, ghareeb laish tayyeb lissa il wade3 haik honak??!!!!

  31. Anonymous

    programmer craig
    why did noone protest when hizbollah wanted to free the Jordanian prisoners in Palestine, and the jordanian government refused and said that they will take care of them and nothing happened, again do people really care or are they just puppets??!!

  32. Anon 8:37,

    I don’t know why you think I was replying to something other than what you said. I was replying to what I read between the lines (if you are talking about the comment I made at 10:59 a couple days ago) and I still see that. I did re-read your post, and I still see the double standards and the justifications that I saw the first time. With all the anons in this comment thread I may be confused about what you are referring to, though.

    BTW, I don’t speak arabic… I had to aske somebody to tell me what you wrote. Makes it a bit difficult.

  33. Anonymous

    Well you should have said so from the beginning, If I knew that you dont speak arabic I wouldnt have bothered to talk to you in the first place, and that is because you people are closed minded, you live in small boxes and you can never get out, my friends always tell me that we should help you get out, but I am convinced that the facts are out there if you want them get them yourselves.
    By the way you had no idea about what I was taklking about in my first comment, and I believe you still dont, maybe because you are a programer you cannot think outside the set of available instructions, or is it becasue you are american?

  34. Anonymous

    ok to separate myself from the other anonymous posts my name is David.I just wanted to say Roba I have a great deal of respect for you as a young,arab,jordanian women and the stance you have taken particularly regarding zarqawi.As far as some of the other comments why is it that what people like zarqawi and others do is always justified by what other wrongs that have been committed,he has killed innocent men ,women and children.He has killed jordanians,iraqis,americans and others without regard and I am sure pregnant women have been among those victims are there deaths justified when he does it.Also just to set the record straight the american miltary can no longer be strictly classified as invaders since we are in the country with the permission of the legitimately elected government of Iraq to help fight against the insurgents like zarqawi who deliberately target innocent iraqi civilians.Also the Iraqi civilians as a whole have suffered far more and put up with unimaginable situations both currently mainly from the insurgent situation and in the past under saddam’s regime,than have the palestinians.Also with the palestinians some of their situation is the result of their leader’s decisions and cannot just be blamed on Israel,since they did have a chance to a state of their own back in 48 which they refused.So sorry for getting on my soapbox.

  35. Anonymous

    Ok, if zionists are allowed to participate in this blog then I officially boycott this blog.
    Roba is that what you do for Palestine, have friendly conversations with zionists, I know that many people will say that I am closed minded, but for me and many others we will never accept normalization with the enemy insha2 allah.

  36. Anonymous

    ok in defense of my comments I am not what you would necessarily consider zionist.Also what I said should have no bearing on Roba.Also again what I was trying to basically say that not every problem or anything that goes wrong is the fault of Israel or even America for that fact,and that the palestinians are not always in the right and completely justified in everything that has been done in their name.Also why is it that palestinian suffering should matter more than anyone else’s,particularly other people in the region and other arab’s as well,such as Iraqi’s,Lebanese,Kuwaitis back in 1990,Sudanese etc.Not that I am dismissing that genuine suffering is going on among Palestinians but it is not necessarily greater or more important than others,such as the Iraqi’s themselves.Also the author of the previous comment must be one of those who even refuse the right of Israel as a state to exist,which is the very attitude that is part of the very problem today in the region and as long as that attitude goes on there will never be peace

  37. Don Cox

    “The guy is Evil, killed by another Evil!”____Why do you think Americans are evil? Do you think Saddam was a good man and should have been left in power? Do you think Zarqawi should have been left alone to go on killing Iraqis?

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