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The only ‘twigs’ I’ll ever be willing to put in my house…


They’re gorgeous aren’t they? I’m especially in love with the pink one.

I feel like forwarding this gorgeously designed nature-induced gadget to whoever designed the ugly twig flash drive.

+ Undead Army


Mr. Superman


32 teams : 32 cultures


  1. Andy

    Looks like a bunch of oversized spermatozoids. I’ve seen some installation like this in Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 3d floor (Contemporary Art) But they were many, many more and all done in glass:)

  2. really .. they are so creative :)

  3. Hey Roba: You seem very interested in industrial design. You should think about doing an extensive post (er… tell me you haven’t already done this?) on industrial design in the Middle East. I think it would be interesting if we could see each other for some International Blog Design Day (or something) in terms of our industrial design instead of politics, etc. What’s the difference between a Jordanian toaster and an American one? Between one from Barbados and one from Israel. I know. Goofy idea.

  4. Cute:D

    But it will make cleaning even harder, so I’ll pass:p

    Curt hopkin: well i’ll tell you,the one from Israel will suck BIG TIME, since it will be all red, red handed with Palestinian blood, especially after the raid Israel has just perfomed on Gaza today:)

    Good job people, all children, wonder if that will take international highlight or not, hmmm. Guess Zarqawi will be luckier…

  5. WTF? LOL *yawn*

  6. Andy, lol, I guess you’re right… But wow, done in glass? I can’t imagine!

    Curt, ooh, good idea. We’re not much of a productive people though in terms of industrial design, most of the products used are American/European/Chinese… I will keep the lookout for such a post though because the idea is fantastic! Comparitive design.

  7. WTF? LOL *yawn*

    Thats for you to see how mature you sounded ;)

  8. Hi Roba , i really really like them so much. I knew I will find something special as I visit this place … Thank you for sharing :)

  9. Roba,

    Given your interest in design, may I recommend the following books?

    The Design of Everyday Things and Emotional Design: Why we Love (or Hate) Everyday Things. Both books are by Donald A. Norman. I am an e-learning designer. I came across the first book in graduate school and I was blown away by it. A must-read for anyone interested indesigning items for everyday use. They are both available on

  10. 21st century shea, yeah! I actually have read both of those books. They’re really interesting arent they?

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