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Screw ART!


I’m sitting at home working on a project, but the only thing I can think of is the cheering and screaming coming from the Howard Johnson World Cup Bash across the street.
Screw ART for monopolizing on sports.


32 teams : 32 cultures


Scrambled, please (and why blogging is bad for your health)


  1. At least you can follow it online. DAMN YOU WEBSENSE TIZI

  2. You can still catch the game (WHAT A GREAT GAME BY THE WAY!!) on Israel Channel 2.

  3. Damn that was quick!

    Well, I have showtime, but my mom has Orbit, and she has the new sataltiereceiver and on it we can chose which statalites to hook up to. So, if you have the new Orbit receivers, technically you should be able to get it. After all, you don;t only get Orbit. Orbit channels are only up till 40 I believe, everything else up to 545 (MBC4) is suppsoed to work. wallah is it different where u are?

    and Israel channel 2 works too. u should get that as well, no?

  4. No Orbit and Showtime both don’t broadcast the games…I have both and they won’t work. And my God, the ART subscription seems to be rip off, it’s worth JD300++ (about $400), and we won’t be using it except for this one month, since ART pretty much sucks.

    I don’t know how much it would cost as a cover charge to watch the games in bars or cafes, but I hope they don’t be expensive :-S.

    I’m thinking of the poor people that have Tawjihi. I remember how hard it was when I had Tawjihi and the Euro was on. God that was mean.

  5. 4 – 2!
    Whoohoo Germany!

    God bless!

  6. Sh. Saleh (owner of ART) must be very proud now.. just hope they don’t screw it up like they did 4 years ago… dweeebs

  7. 3aBBaSS

    walek wain 3aysheh enti? jordanians have been talking about free channels for like a month now!!

    Besides ART is broadcasting it for free, this game.

    O ma3 haik..SCREW ART!!! they think thay can force us to subscribe? is that what their marketing people think? large organizations pay billions to improve their image and position in their customers’ minds..and ART is just getting the worst image ever..


    Kaif 7alek?

  8. Dame! I must have a perverse mind :)

  9. aish, kaif? Howard Johnson? manoo hatha?!

  10. Roba I’ll kill you if you don’t show us your finalised projects, and also the art exhibition held in your university.


  11. Jameed, haha, ya 7aram!

    SM, you are a sweetheart!

    Pheras, we don’t get Israel 2..

    Omernos, indeed bless it!

    Moryarti, screw what up? They screwed something up?

    3abbas, I live in a world with no sattelite. o mnee7a ;)

    Keko ya keko, what are you talking about? :P

    Bakka, there’s a football courtyard in front of it.

    Omar, you should visit the exhibition! It’s pretty cool. Are you still in Jordan?

  12. Hey Roba,
    found something funny (for flasher only) :)

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