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32 teams : 32 cultures

Today the first football will be kicked off a stadium starting the World Cup, 2006. My God, has it really been 4 years since the last World Cup? It feels like it was just last summer.
But it has, and tonight will mark yet another collision of 32 different teams from 32 different cultures all with one passion- football.

To celebrate the diversity, bora.herke studios created an individual, off-beat, artisy farsty football for each qualifying country, based on a key characteristic from the designers’ point of view, designed with a wink at the culture or the mentality of each of the 32 qualifying countries.

I absolutely love them!

Here are my favorites, but they’re all worth checking out, so check them out here.






The only ‘twigs’ I’ll ever be willing to put in my house…


Screw ART!


  1. lol, sweden is done out of IKEA catalogue cut outs:D

  2. Holy crap! Thanks for the link!

  3. My favourites are Ukraine, Portugal, and Italy. Saudi’s is gorgeous, but I am darn biased against them.

  4. I can’t understand KSA’s
    is it star-spangled or what?

    I liked the idea a lot!
    and I didn’t get GHANA either,
    why Magazine?

  5. That’s brilliant!


  6. Vas

    Am i into colour minimalism? I liked the one of trinidad, made of banana leaves, if i guessed right. Nice presentation:)

  7. Ohoud, really?! I didn’t realize! That’s sooooooo creative.

    Natalia, you’re welcome :) I like Saudis too.. it’s pretty.

    Omar, I think they mean black gold (aka oil).

    AJ, glad you enjoyed it!

    Vas, yeah :) It’s so creative :)

  8. Oh, wow — these are awesome.

    They are all beautiful, though I feel a particular love for Ghana’s, since I have a particular love for that place. :-)

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