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Monday is finally over, signalling the fact that I’m done with most of my classes. I have one project left, but without a gazillion other projects to worry about, I’m going to enjoy working on it. Its funny there’s some negativity to being too chilled-out a person when it comes to stress and pressure; I only realized that 20 hours with 4 studio courses is just way too much of a workload for one semester yesterday at 5:00 PM, after basically being sleepless for several days, with a room that looks like a hurricane struck it, and a lot of slacked stuff that I need to catch up on.

I’m taking summer courses this year (or I think I am, I register for the summer courses every year, but then I decide that it’s too hot and end up dropping them, and this summer is looking as hot as ever). I registered Oloom Askareyeh (Military Sciences, still looking for a wasta), and an elective called “Writing” in the English Department. Allah yostor 3al writing class… I registered it a few years back as well but after my first class and a huge argument with the professor over whether the word “Glad” is an extinct word or not, I dropped the entire course. I need to take an elective though, and as this class seems to be one of the few options, I’m taking it again hoping that it would be a different professor. I’m not looking forward to it eitherway, I’ve seen the tests, and it’s the same level of writing we took in the 6th grade, including questions such as “Write a letter to your penpal telling her about Jordan”. So not fun.


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Woof! Woof!


  1. Vas

    Hey good day:) why do u consider wasting your credit hours for something that will add nothing to your vocabulary and interests? why don’t you chose something completely new? even gardening. you never know what pleasures the unknown may keep in store for you…

  2. Vas, you’ve obviously never been to JU ;) Anyway, there’s always the Arabic problem. I don’t want to take any classes in Arabic, and I have no way of finding out which classes are in Arabic and which are not, so the English Department is my safest bet.

  3. I took Psychology in English and it was very interesting… but I’m not sure they have it in Seifi.

    3askariology is torture… be prepared! :s

  4. Roba, Look on the brighter side, this is a chance for you to ACE this class and score a perfect 100! It’ll be good for your overall GPA right? take advantage of it. You obviously can score on this one
    It’s your call. But, I see that as a low hanging fruit and you very capable of picking it. Unlike me my electives were “Digital Signal Processing” or “Quantum mechanics”. I ended up taking both ;-) since I just love these subjects

  5. Vas

    dear roba, i am in constant UJ overdose. I work there :)….

  6. LOL
    Sorry I couldn’t but laugh :-)) remembering the same scenarios at my school … same stories… take it easy, soon all will be Ok and all will be just lovely memories :-) best of luck.

  7. 3askariology LOL
    i dropped that the past course, as i was never interested in army shit.

    i’m taking a summer course too :) Art History II and Graphics & Presentation (god bless AAU)

    the summer course starts 18/6 at my uni but it’s still not that bad and then i can come to the JP meeting (or the none JP users meeting) :)

  8. moi

    Roba, how come you can’t find out which classes are in Arabic and which are in English? Is it the prof’s choice or something? And is it true that only the scientific courses are taught in English while the humanities are taught in Arabic?

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