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Mr. Superman


I fell in love with the portrayal of the human torso during art foundation year. The curves… the muscles… the smoothness… my god, it’s just absolutely delightful to try to imitate. With charcoal, you have to do it so carefully or else you’ll go overboard, and you have to keep the curves so fine or else it wouldn’t have the soft suppleness of human skin! With clay, things are even more fascinating, because you have to push and smooth all the right places.

Anyway, seeing the thumb of Jean Paul Gaultier cologne bottle everytime I opened my blog gave me this really strong urge to create a torso. So I woke up this morning – really early after hitting the sack at 8:00 PM the night before- with that mood where I just want to do something fun, so I decided to make Superman. Here’s a sneak peak at my Superman before he gets a head and before he gets a paint job, look, you can even see his belt!

Me loves Superman.


Woof! Woof!


The only ‘twigs’ I’ll ever be willing to put in my house…


  1. “The curves… the muscles… the smoothness… my god” I think you should start looking at images of real men: bellies, hair and navel lint.

    plus the superman is disproprtionate. He is all ktaf and tarabees.

  2. this looks pretty good so far,
    I’m looking forward to see the finished product! :D

    Le Male is one of the best perfumes ever, though the bottle’s design shows the Ideal Man Figure for Jean’s desires! hehe.

    What do you make it from?!
    What stuff do you use?


  3. Wallah you’re starting to freak me out! You’re back to playing with dolls, that you “touch and push, and smooth IN THE RIGHT PLACES My god Roba… What’s happening to you!
    Superman loves you too baby .. but he’s fiction .. you do realize that .. right? … right??
    Male skin is not smooth, it’s supposd to be tough and hard. Jild 7ameer b3eed 3annek. It’s not like our female counterparts. EWWW … what am I saying!
    Go back to playing with your dolls :)

  4. Andriy Shevchenko is so hot right now, so much hotter than anyone on the Brazilian team. Oh, and Superman’s hot too. Har har.

  5. Shevchenko? The man his wife dragged to London because she wanted to live there? Yeah, he is a good player.

  6. rorrim (mirror)

    what are you doing with my body?

    where the hell is my head?

    are you making a model of me to use it in some kind of witchcraft makes sense.its 6/6/06 after all

    roba…you dont need magick to make me love charmed long time ago :$

  7. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh

    Roba has a secret admirer ….. :D
    tsk tsk tsk ..

  8. That is really nice

    What are you going to call him since Superman is so cliche?

    Come on Roba .. give him an original name :D

  9. dude, where is the S? And doesn’t superman have a 6 pack?

    Whatever u do, please do not go the route of Joel Shumacher in Batman 3 and 4 and give our superhero nipples. Having a Batman costume with rubber nipples was just…wrong!

  10. you made that? sweet, and meh i don’t care if its disproportioned, its still fine sculpturing, me like :D
    how about you make one of the female body? its a joy to look at also you know ;)

  11. You should compare your Superman with the new one. You can see a High Definition film preview here.

  12. He has been really working out lately:p

    Nice curves!

  13. Hew Hew.. this is uber cool! Can’t wait to see the final version.

    *Hums Superman song*

  14. eww, superman is slimy!

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