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Music Appreciation

| |||||||||   `--------'     |          O
`\_,-------, _________________________|

/ XXXXXX /  `\   /
/ XXXXXX /\______(


Quick poetry help needed


09:44 am


  1. Picture doesn’t render correctly in IE or Opera. It only works in Firefox.
    But I don’t get the relation between the gun and Music

  2. I am guessing Music Appreciation isn’t that amusing. I hope that gun isn’t next to your temple Roba!!

  3. oooooh its a nice-gun!!!

  4. I almost registered for the free course, but when I found out it was no longer Reem abu Rahmeh giving it, I was warned!

  5. Luai

    No need for a virtual one….you can borrow mine anytime ;-)

  6. I can shoot Music Appreciation with a real gun?

    Rania, it’s a required course for my department, and akh, I’m dying! The material is so hard :(

  7. Ya sater! sho hatha? mosaddas? ostor ya rabb!
    what kinda music do you appreciate at this class of yours? gangster rap? :P

  8. Roba!

    Is it one of those courses where you have to sit for one hour listening to Music? Man, what what what? Seriously you hate this stuff?

    If it’s up to me I’ll take such courses for ever! Okay I’m not into ARTS the way it’s taught today, but I like Music and classic music, but c’mon doing nothing and listening to “appreciating” music?

    Now please don’t hate me, but imagine sitting in a class where it is 60 arts chicks and 1 guy only (yeah those guys taking arts courses from other faculties are not really into ARTs, sorry guys for exposing this, like they don’t know!

    Ok someone please shoot me!

  9. Talal

    Hey! I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago and I can’t stop reading it (which is a bad, bad thing considering I have an organic chemistry exam tomorrow, but whatever)

    Question: are your classes taught in English or Arabic? Just wondering…

    And, yeah, that gun totally applies to me and my relationship with chem..sigh.

  10. Killer Bee Bop

    Arabic, and no ACTUAL listening to music, it’s good ole’ talqeen! :(

    Roba? Music Appreciation with the 6afeely (Don’t get me wrong, this is not about 6afaayleh guys :P)? You should know better …

    Yes, you are musically challenged! :P

    How sad. :(

  11. Talal, we’re the ultimate bilinguial department. My music appreciation book was made by my professor especially fort this class, and its in 3arabizi format (almost), in the sense that there’s an Arabic word then an English word in the same sentence. Its’ quite confusing…

    Killer Bee Bop, he’s from Tafileh? No.. he’s from Irbid.

  12. Killer Bee Bop

    HE IS FROM 6AFEELEH! It’s the same name listed in jadwal essaify, right?

    If you need any help BTW, you can count on the Bee Bop. ;)

  13. Nope. Not same person. Current professor is a Sharman.
    Darn, I should have waited till the summer.

  14. Killer Bee Bop

    Huh? You’re taking it NOW? :O

    Yes, Shurman IS 6afeely, and it’s him in the summer as well …

  15. rorriM

    what are you doing!!??

    what with the “Hey! I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago and I can’t stop reading it ”

    are you trying to be roba`s favorite fan….ha?

    well listen up

    i discoverd her blog a year and half ago and i read it everyday…i open every morning even before i open and before i chek up my email

    see i care about roba`s blogs more than i care abot what is hapenning in the world..see

    so if you are trying to be her favorite fan then i will use luai`s real gun to shoot you

    or maybe i would shoot her…jajajajajaja

    i was joking!! hehe
    was it a good one? are you laughing? please laugh? i have low self esteem!! i need attention aaa2 aa2

    well if you are not laughing then i want you to know it wasnt my idea it was satan`s

    laughing now?


  16. lol what music have u been listening to???

  17. Talal

    I’m laughing, like, sooooooo hard, rorrim ! Like, ohmygosh!


  18. 3aBBaS

    Hellooo Roba… i know this is not related to the post..and since you are one of the most well known bloggers..could you please write a post on how bad ART is? How they are forcing customers to subscribe for their services? they think they are starting a “smart” marketing campaign..can we show them that buying their service this way will create an anti marketing campaign objectives? with a short term profit and long term Koroh!!

    Gracias ;)

  19. rorriM, haha, that’s funny. Good to know that my blog is as important as world news ;) So all my effort doesn’t go to waste huh? I may rule the world one day you think? ;)

    3abbas, I’ll tell you what, you write a post, email it to me, and I’ll post it on my blog under your name, cause frankly, I don’t know anything about football. I only watch as an excuse to scream and cheer.

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