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Stealing a page

I was amused by Omar’s post featuring his flickr favorites. It’s cool seeing the colors and personalities that make up a person’s taste- so I thought I’d share some of mine. Not all of them- you can check all here.

From FuxxiónFrom David WymanFrom yanaljrFrom missShellie
From chishikilaurenFrom chishikilaurenFrom FINALS executing M@ZENFrom Earth Child
From chishikilaurenFrom waelpixFrom yaznotjazFrom Secular Humanist
From shoegazerFrom yazeedFrom justin lawFrom Mafa
From David WymanFrom chishikilaurenFrom Fata Al-JanoobFrom Inti
From •thekoreånrhinöªFrom Phoenician BFrom KaddyFrom decibell72
From DWintonFrom lilFrom blurbFrom Sabri M. Hakim
From Yazan MalakhaFrom !HabitFormingFrom Sabri M. HakimFrom s3ood
From uBookwormFrom Fata Al-JanoobFrom underbunnyFrom jonwild
From KaddyFrom Berta...From Abo ObaidFrom amvollmar

Can you tell anything about me from my favorites? ;)

(and did any catch your eye?)


Movers and Shakers


Quick poetry help needed


  1. Oh WOW!
    I just replied on my blog telling you to feature your own faves! :D
    HAHAHA — We read minds! Ohmmmmmmmmmm *yoga position*

    These are awesome — I so cheated some stuff if you notice,
    I looked through your favourites and added them to mine! :D

    Thanks for sharing,
    I would say you love the little details captured..
    True? HAHAHA

  2. mm.. lets see, your not a traditional person, you like fun and diversity, your jordanian and for some reason you like pictures of shoes!

  3. I noticed you love the red color and its gredients… BIG TIME !‎

  4. It shows that you’re an artist with great taste :)

  5. I think form your fav that you always see your life as a long path and somehow difficult one, and that you have to struggle through it by your own without the help of anybody else. You also figure that there are a lot of people going through this but you are always in the frontline and far ahead of them by some distance.
    My words look like a shrink.

  6. You’re quirky. Completely disinterested in fitting in with the pack and slyly self-assured.

    That’s what I get from a ten-second psychotherapy session of your flickr favourites.

  7. Creative, inspirational, and mostly original.. my favorite one is “All the tough girls that never want me to see them cry”

  8. LOL, this is awesome!

  9. I’m glad that u like my BK, Mc one.

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