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Jordanian Party ;)

(Post aimed towards non-Arabs)
I have recently gotten a lot of comments/emails asking for more posts on everyday life in Jordan, so I thought I’d post a Jordanian party (yeah, we party). I took this video in my brother’s graduation last night, and its quite the typical formal party scene for West Amman.
I think the best part is the guy being thrown in the air.

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“no more shoes pls. thanks”


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  1. *slap*

    it’s not available!!!
    I LURVE PARTIES! Ahh I wanna go to Jordanian parties! hehehehe
    I love dancing and eating my mom’s dish! Hehehehehehe — Nothing better than Mu3ajjanaat and Loads of Juice (YUMM)

    Fix the alignment,
    more floaty…
    You know what…
    I’m going to change the link’s name in my blog from [And Far Away (Roba)] to
    The Red-Chucks-And-Askimo-Loving-Artsy-Girl with the Floating Stuff On Her Blog!

    Shu ra2yek?!?! :D

  2. Looooool Omar! That totally cracked me up :D Yumm.. askimo :)

  3. Congrats. to ur brother.
    Lets call it a Jordanian “B”arty not an Arab one, because Arabic parties are waaaaaaay different!

    So what’s in the vid?

    You are going to charge us for this, aren’t you? The ART dude have gotten into u, haven’t he?

    Let me get this…it’s your brother’s “B”rom, and you have actually to be there? I mean c’mon give him some break,
    خلي الشب ياخد راحتو مع “الجماعة” ;)

  4. Arabic parties are awesome, well except for one organized by nawar and have no security at their concert and fights end up breaking out and Kazem il Saher is forced to stop singing and begs the audience to sit down :P

    and since when does jordan have proms? thats not fair i was not aloud to go to my own prom in America. Whats up with that?

  5. Oooh no! This isn’t the prom, this is the graduation dinner/ party. They had the prom last week (and of course I wasn’t invited).

    Linda, did your parents have a culture shock when they visited?

  6. Shoff beddek tkooni invited kaman,
    Walek ekbari! hehehehe
    Ekbari w Kulli Askimo w bass!

    A5555 Mennek!
    Now I’m craving some

    You’ll send me some, right?
    You’re on the DHL thingy? just send them and I’ll refreeze them without opening. Then I’d have a large-Envelope shaped Askimo! YUMM
    Mwahaha. you’ll get nu22in!

    El 7afleh faya3aaaa
    *dances on Jeishana*

  7. Arab

    So this post is aimed at non-Arabs wanting to see what life in Jordan is like? Wonder why only Arabs took enough interest to comment then. I dont think non-Arabs wanted to see something as shallow as this, maybe something of the “more” daily life, not a once-in-a-lifetime event (that anyway only 5% of the population ever get to participate in).

  8. Arab, what universe do you exactly live in? I happen to live in Jordan, and every single school here has a prom party, a graduation ceremony and a post graduation party. Every single school, even public schools, (a friend told me so). Also, there’s almost a party every single week in Amman (Not to mention bars and clubs that have regular weekly parties), especially in the summer. Some you might hear about them because they’re public, and some you might not, because they’re somewhat exclusive and have a strict guest list policy, and some you’d hear of but never attend.

    Who died and made you the guardian of all non arabs and make you decide whether they wanted to see Roba’s video or not? It’s about young adults dancing and laughing and having fun, or are such concepts to hard for you to comprehend?!

    What a party pooper!

    Looool @ Omernos & Firas. I love Arabic parties, though I’m not crazy about Arabic music, but I love the ones that I used to go to in California, and even the ones in Amman, sometimes they’re more fun than late night DJ parties.

  9. :) You have a move now! That’s one project DOWN! I say hand this in. :)

  10. Is this a typical Jordanian party or it is just a high class party of those who are educated in foreign schools?
    Hopefully that such parties are not being seen awkward in the eyes of the jordinian typical people.

  11. the eyewitness,

    it is pretty common throughout all classes. Though the fact that there are a few standards that seperate the so-called high class from others. But believe me, even people who do not approve mixing among women and men would do seperate ones. And they’re big as these ones! hehe

    well, the is the typical modern form of parties. If you wanna see ANY wedding, it would be this way. The traditional ones do still exist, but they’re part of what some might call the wedding week.

    For example, there’s “Ta3leeleh” which is celebrated by men only. Knafeh, Fizzy Drinks (hehehehe) are served, along with going on music. Some groups might get up and dance or do a form of dabkeh called “Sa7jeh”

    good God I feel like a tourism board!
    hehehe. I hope these are enough information. And believe me, it’s not something disapproved. I mean, it’s a PARTY! Fun Fun Fun! :D

    As for el a55 Pheras,
    eish bel nesbeh?
    Ya3nee shway shway 3al zalameh…mush daroori “what universe do you exactly live in?”
    He’s a party POOPER? oooh,
    does he poop in Parties? *lmao*


  12. am sorry but i can’t see anything Arabic in this party! mute the music and you’ll think your self in any western country!
    as for dancing on “jeshana” I don’t like that at all!! I mean dancing with this lyrics! mis-match for me! though the beat is cool!
    anyways Roba… congrats for your bro…

  13. HAHAHAHA Omar!

    No I just these people who pop out of booney ville, and expect everybody to live by their own rules and laws of party pooping. Let the ladies and the guys have some fun, shou hada?! ma32ouleh ya 3alam?! ma32ouleh ya nas?!

    Lol, it’s just those people are the real source of bitch fits in my life.

  14. blogging stems from personal experiences, if you believe yours represent what you claim to be “the other 95%” of Jordanians, roll up your sleeves and blog!

    I just don’t get this whole concept of someone wanting to see their own views on someone else’s blog.. it’s blogging people! free equal representation and all that good stuff. put your own views on your own blog for gods sake, and stop believing you’re a guardian and a censor of others.

    bas alf mabrook la Omar :) is he even taller now…? mashalla

  15. oleander thank you..well said.
    roba..mabrook :)

  16. Anonymous

    why are you so westerniesd!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Arab

    The level of responses around here are pretty much what I’d expect of 19-year olds.

    For those who jumped at personal attacks, I belong to the 5% and I am at least conscious of this fact. In other words, my bubble is not Blue Fig and its (North-side)surroundings.

    Roba you probably understand what I’m getting at and you will probably agree.

    And for Omernos, your exposition of your cultural knowledge did not aid you here. The difference between this prom and the traditional “prom” is not in the surface, it is in the essence, in the cultural framework it derives from and in the personal traits and social order it promotes.

    The only common element between the western prom and the Jordanian “prom” is the human expression of happiness for an achievement. Apart from that, the western prom is more or less a group of individuals each celebrating their own achievements (i.e. it is individualistic), while our “prom” is more of sharing of one’s achievement amongst the family, friends and village (i.e. it distributes happiness over people rather than concentrate it in an individual).

  18. BadGuy

    tab 7otteeelna el full movie

  19. Whoa! That’s a graduation party? Amazing..! My prom was a couple of weeks ago, it was definatly nothing like this.. Anyhow, congrats to your bro..

  20. Can we get an East-Amman party footage?
    I miss Dabke

  21. Andy

    Wow! Cool! Aren’t you afraid of some bearded Al-Qaida brazzas waiting outside? I saw boys & girls actually DANCING TOGETHER! Do you have anything stronger then Coke served at your parties?

  22. Anonymous

    This is FAKED. it’s not the normal thing HERE in Jordan, and we are NOT obligate to change our life style to the west we are like THIS.

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