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Design a Radio

I never listen to the radio. I have quite picky taste in music, and the closest thing to my taste is Mood FM but they unfortunately put really corny stuff every now and then and I hate being surprised.
That said, the only radio recievers I ever owned were 2- the one that came with my phone (in my phone), and the one that came with my car (in the car). And I never considered owning a real one, because I know I’ll never use it.
But then I saw these. My God. Aren’t they gorgeous?
(And yeah, not eloquent tonight, working on a project, need more caffeine)

+ Wouter Geense Design Studio


“no more shoes pls. thanks”


Movers and Shakers


  1. Man! You’ve swapped shoes for this?
    I’m starting to miss the shoes posts!

    Anyways, if stuffing a coat hanger in a radio or a TV is actually artsy, then consider Jordanians to be the coolest nation in the whole world!

  2. what do you use for an alarm clock?

  3. Killer Bee Bop

    Kaff 3ala boozha min el maama 6ab3an, aww sa6el mayy, what else? :|

    Do you realize what the components of those two Radio Receivers are? Musho6 w 3allaaga ma63oojeh w 3elbet sardeen … Saqallah saqallah ya bnayyti …

    A serious one now: How often do you listen to music? Describe your relation with music with no less than 10 lines bidoon tarek sa6er faady …

  4. KBP, umm, I’m musically challenged. My taste is music is basically rock though.

  5. Firas,
    aslan they got inspired from Abu Mahjoob cartoons inta mush fahem!

    they’re pretty Boxy,
    I’d like to have transparent stuff! :D

    Transparent is FUN!

    Oh right,
    I saw Bravia’s commercial on my friend’s TV the other day, and I thought
    “Isn’t this the commercial with Roba jumping and saying “Heaven, Heaven!” ”


  6. Killer Bee Bop

    KBP? :'(

    This is the SECOND time this happens, this is too much, bah … :(

    “I’m musically challenged.”, Thought so! ;)

  7. Killer Bee Bop

    Wait a sec, did you do that on purpose? HAH! :@

    Oh, and while we’re at it, you probably should change your name to ‘Roja’, if you know what I mean! ;)

  8. You should have seen the designs back in the seventies. Ever own a perfectly round radio?

  9. robaaaaa…. define “corny” please!!!!!

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