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“no more shoes pls. thanks”

That was one of the comments posted on the reader survey I had on earlier. The thing about the comments posted on the survey is that I do not know who wrote them, nor do I have the emails of the people who wrote them so I can’t reply on a personal level, but if you want a reply from me, please email me (my email somewhere in the sidebar).

35% of readers are from Jordan

60% of readers are male

43% of readers are in their 20’s.

66% of readers are Arab.

52% of readers speak Arabic.

41% of readers read “And Far Away” on a weekly basis.

65% of readers prefer posts related to life in Jordan.

30% of readers are not bloggers.

25% of readers follow less than 5 blogs.


Cut n’Go


Design a Radio


  1. What was the size of the sample ?

  2. 60% are males ??

    I think It should be more..

    I’ve noticed this delimma in the Arab Blogsphere:
    the dominant comments in girls blogs are from guys , and vice versa…

  3. Shy

    So what so u conclude from the survey? Are u going to make any changes or is it as u expected?

  4. hey roba, i recently started my own blog and was wondering wether you could give me some advice on how to get it out there so that i get some visiters/ comments as i’m new to this bogging thing? thanks, yassie.

  5. Keep the shoes! Love the shoes!

  6. ya salaaam

    60% males?
    lazem nonkoshlekk 3arees mehom hathol!
    NOW NOW! hehehehe


    And don’t you ever give up the Chucks, Roba
    it became your symbol…


  7. 66% of readers are Arab yet only 52% of readers speak Arabic? Huh?

  8. Yeah… I know a lot of Arabs who don’t speak or don’t read Arabic.

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