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Class of 2006

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Today was my brother Omar’s highschool graduation- the Class of 2006. Congrats Omery!

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Decisions, decisions


Cut n’Go


  1. Mabroooooooook!

    I hated my own graduation,
    but it’s fun to see others are having a good time. Walla!

    He looks like you! And he has an awesome name :P

    Ayya Madraseh? I couldn’t recognize it…

    tell him Congrats,
    from Omar! hehehe


  2. Yey!
    How exciting!
    Mabrook Robas Brother.

  3. Vas

    How beautiful is the smile of these 17-18 y.o. people, that they finish in dancing and celebration a whole critical period of their lives… They are always like that, judging from my parents’ graduation photos, mine, my nephews’, etc. Later on, sometimes a frown is added.

  4. yay mabroooooook!!
    seeing those pics gets me back 2 my own graduation!!
    wish him a successful n happy future :)

  5. Marianne

    Why is the outfit so american looking?

  6. Alf mabrook o 3o2bal il Uni Graduation :)

  7. Thanks guys!

    Lol, Marianne, what do you expect them to wear? Tobes?

  8. Oh, yeah, Omar, the go to Montessori.

  9. Hey Congrat’s to the brother :)

    Inshallah always happy news from you and your family Roba…

  10. Anonymous

    Roba, why don’t you do a post about your own highschool graduation?

  11. Anonymous


    Danish Person

  12. Mabrouk.

    I graduated from university this year, and it never gets any easier, or any less exciting!

  13. Omar Assi

    Thank you all… really appreciate it and thank you Roba for this post (even though u meesed up my eye in a pic :P)
    I love you robs

  14. Killer Bee Bop

    What’s wrong with your eye? Did that balloon dummy punch you in the face or something? Yet, you’re still friends, ya 3einy 3al roo7 el3aalyeh …

    Mabrook 3ommi.

    Attawqee3 (Allah laa ywaggi3 7ada heik wag3a):
    Bee Bop the Dabsheh

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