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Decisions, decisions

zooksies 1025

Gonna buy Lavazza. And all it’s awesome, eccentric furniture. Turn it into a house. Live there. My address will be “Rainbow Street”!



Strawberry Flavored Water Ice


Class of 2006


  1. Nas


    it’s not such a bad street to live on at all.

  2. kinzi

    yes, what a thought; a Roba Assi original home…visual chocolate!

  3. too cool. hey you can live there and make a business out of it too!

  4. HEY!!! I’ve been there check it out:
    Awesome huh?
    And the street is called raiMbo street :D

  5. That would be indeed really cool :D

  6. Anonymous

    U mean ‘duende’, Lavazza is the type of coffee they serve.

    Why buy it? have a cafe/house of your own in the area…

  7. Vas

    Yeah, that’s the spirit. There is hardly any environment on earth that can turn one’s own mind more effective in undertaking crazy small applicable projects, than the favorite coffee-shop and its unique noise.

  8. Assuming I can still go there to get a coffee then sure… great idea… thou if you call it a house you can’t charge your guests now can you ;) asseelih

  9. Nas, yeah, eventually.. When I have the money… which will not be any time soon.

    Kinzi, lol, yeah, it’s an awesome place. I love the colors.

    Linda, hehe, it’s too small to do both in! Anyway, I could never do a hosting business, I’m a terrible hostess.

    Qweider, yeah, I’ve seen those pics of yours earlier. Quite cool… I adore this place.

    Bakkouz, wouldn’t it!

    Anon, no, I want this particular place. It’s awesome. It’s on the corner of my favorite street and it has gorgeous windows and beautiful furtniture. I call it Lavazza.

    Vas, well said :) It also has soo many memories for me…

    Keko, haha, walaw! ;)

  10. Asli jedan! ou betkooni areebeh 3a ma7al el flafel el 3aneef nearby :)

  11. duinde

    please lets see the rainbow street now by the new renovation can you ???
    many thanks

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