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World Cup Mania

The Jordanian way…

… and for God’s sake don’t sit and have piss fits at how this is not “Jordanian” but rather Western Ammani fakeness- it’s definitely Jordanian, ok? Regardless of whether it’s Western Ammani Bag3awi or even Tafili. JUST DON’T HAVE PISSFITS AT ME.

That aside, here are a few pictures and a video I took today of my brothers and friends getting ready to go watch the Argentina-Germany match.

You would think that they are Germans or Argentinians from all the passion- alas, the Arabs fada7oona in the World Cup and the Jordanian team has a long way to go before they show their sweaty calve muscles at the World Cup so whatever, eh?

I say, “Go Germany!”, friend sitting next to me yanks my hair and tries to type “Go Argentina!”


Germany fans

gggoooooo blue

germany's gonna kick argentinaS arse

gooo germany!

argentinians are sad

And Argentina just got a goal. NOOOOO!

Kill her. Dead. End of brand.

As a child, the only toy that ever proved satisfying to my creative needs was Barbie, and not in the girly-girly “Yayyy, dollll!” type-of-way. I loved Barbie because it provided a creative outlet I didn’t find in videogames, sports, and boardgames. I could design her house, give her haircuts, glue fabric to make her clothes, create complicated plots starring my very big Barbie collection, and even sit her drown on my bed and draw her in my little sketchbooks.

Looking back, as funny as this sounds, Barbie’s impact on my life was drastic.

It was during all those hours bending over my dollhouse changing the colors of the walls, arranging the intricately designed furniture, and making my dolls clothes that I decided I want to be a designer, and although I was so young, it is one of my most vivid memories. I was spending the day with a childhood friend of mine, Aseel, and while we were sitting on the floor glueing beads and fabric to make dresses and spraying glitter on tiny chairs, the conversation moved to what we wanted to be when we grew up. That day I learned a new word from Aseel- “designer”, a job where we can almost play with furniture and clothes forever! We both loved the idea so much that we decided then and there that that was what we were going to be when we grew up.

The next many years saw Aseel and I preparing for our dream. We poured our effort into taking art classes together, sitting for hours with scissors and paper exchanging tactics we learned, making cards, dying our hair bright blue to look “artistic”, sitting on her family computer pouring over ‘MS. Paint’, and we even took painting and ceramics classes.

I lost contact with Aseel when I was around 16, then I saw her in the mall last year and we chatted for a few minutes, and to my delight, I found out that she was also studying design at some university in Dubai.

I find it amusing that we both got what we wanted, we both became designers, but Barbie, our childhood muse, is seeing red.

I’ve been reading about her decline for years now and witnessing it as my baby cousins replace Barbie’s graceful beauty with the aesthetic ugliness of Bratz. Today, a radical idea is being proposed: Kill her. Dead. End of brand.

Could it really be? Is Barbie really dying? Has she stopped providing creative energy to little girls?

Detour City

Detour City

For the love of…

Warhol :)

Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely adore Andy Warhol? Like absolutely. To bits and little tiny pieces.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 021

Anyway, I’ve been having this intense craving for mushroom soup every single day of the past week, and aside from lunch at a friends house today and breakfast at Wild Jordan yesterday, mushroom soup is pretty much the only thing I ate all week.

I love Campbell’s.


Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

colorless green–> drab green(bright)

ideas –> creative thoughts

sleep –> are dormant

furiously –> oppressed, fighting to get out

A drab idea that would have otherwise had creative potential lies oppressed and struggling for release in the brains of idiots who refuse to accept that anything can make perfect and fantastic sense with a dallop of an effort inclusive of thinking.

100% full of sense.


hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 018

When it was spring, every time I’d get on the phone with my parents, they’d ask about the plants. Did the flowers bloom? What colors are the tulips? Is the gardener taking care of the herbs? Naturally, I don’t know anything about plants, so I generally just take pictures and show them later.

This morning, while walking to my car, I couldn’t help but let out of squeel of delight when I saw a tree blooming outside in the garden. When my mother came after spring, she was really disappointed to see that this particular tree wasn’t blooming at all. I hate the fact that she’s missing it, especially as it is so big and pretty, so I just thought I’d blog this picture to show her (hi mommy).

Yay or nay?

Worked on this for a school project, not sure I like it enough. What do you guys think?



Happy 24th of June to all Jordanians.

Road Rage

I’m often accused of being too aggressive a driver (“people like you cause road rage!”), and admittedly, I do use driving as anger management every now and then. Although I’m usually a nice calm person, piss me off while I’m driving and I have no problem rolling down my window and having a cow (hi zooks).

Isn’t this awesome? Driv-emocion gives drivers the ability to express themselves traffically without getting too extreme. Your standard :) and :( are options while text such as “back off” and “thanks” offer a more direct expression. I’m not sure it’s expressive enough for me, but I love it anyway.

Beep. Beep.

+ Core77

How, em, politically correct


This is a print ad the guys over at Room 116 found in a magazine in the Dominican Republic.
I think its amusing, on many different levels.

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