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Strawberry Flavored Water Ice

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The only topic dominating the echoes echoing through the hills and valleys of the bustling city of Amman is heat. Good god- it’s been hot, in the sense where my work doesn’t stick together anymore because the glue keeps melting.

My favorite part about the heat is that I can pig out on popsicles. I love popsicles. Especially when its bright red. You know the cheap bright red askimo which still costs a shelen, labelled neither “askimo” nor “popsicle”, but instead, “Strawberry Flavored Water Ice”. It really is as good as Pepsi. And I really love Pepsi. In the past 30 minutes, I’ve had 4 popsicles.

The best part? Popsicles are the only thing in my world that haven’t gotten more expensive. It still costs a shelen a piece. I feel like a child when I hand my Leira to the guy at the dokaneh and he gives me back a bagful of askimo. My God, can you believe that a Leira can still buy so much of one thing?! It barely gets two scoops of icecream at Frosti’s. I remember a time when a scoop at Frosti’s cost 20 piasters.

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And so, the freezer is stocked with popsicles. And ahhh, they’re the perfect solution for such a hot week. A terrible week too. MY CAR IS STILL NOT FIXED. I’m really suffering without her- I’m absolutely and horribly emotionally attached to that creature (to the extent that I picked up some of the broken pieces and hung them in my room awaiting her return). I still have 4 exams/projects to go, and I’m not in the mood to do anything at all. There’s also all the damn mosquitos. But the worst bit of all is my internet connection. It has suddenly transformed to dial-up speed. I hate Batelco.

That aside, the survey thingy was apparently floating in the middle of the screen for some screens (thanks for the heads up Omar!), so I removed it. If you haven’t taken the survey yet, this will be your final chance to do so before I close it this Friday and post some of the results, so please take a minute to fill it out. Thanks!



Get your pencils out


Decisions, decisions


  1. EP


    I love popsicles, but I never really felt the URGE to eat them. Or to go buy some. Now, I want them really bad that I’m practically shaking, and stuff.. ;P

    Inti hek dayman btesh’3eli bali 3a sha’3lat ‘3areebeh.

    I love kitkat chunky, It’s one of the best things on this planet, next to 7UP.

    Ok, I think that i’ve said lots of nonsense in the past 2 minutes.


  2. Good luck with everyone else!

    How could you love popsicles or ice cream in general that much?! They make my teeth hurt so bad :-S.

    Don’t forget to vote for on

    (I’m so desperate. I even started pulling off my less than perfect linguistic skills to take a nasty attempt, not working obviously. Time to panic. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa3).

  3. Anonymous

    I miss the sunlight, I miss the extremely hot weather where everything is too sticky, I miss the feeling you get when you want to run back home as soon as possible to sleep by the air conditioner and drink extra cold drinks filled with ice cubes. I miss that!
    And why is that? Apparantly I’m here in this bloody cold weather where it hails in May…ugh

  4. Luai

    Those exact popsicles are one of my favorite things in Jordan. I absoutely love finishing dinner quickly and then hopping down to the neighborhood store for the icy sugar infused delight. But you can imagine my anger when I get there and the store owner is out to lunch too and I have to come back later. I usually can eat 3 on the way home from the dukanah. And with the endless number of cousins, I can hand them out without having to get a loan from the bank. Yes, you rally can buy 20 for a dinar. Do you think they use treated wastewater to make them and that is how they keep the prices down. :-)

  5. Good to hear the news Roba, you’re still alive, I thought something happened to you.
    The mosquitoes thing. Sweetheart, TRUST ME, Lemon grass, just try it, and I promise, if you don’t like it, 7a2ek 3alai
    It’s lovely to read your “Dokkaneh” and “laira” terms you sound like a little girl (which you are)
    I were never allowed to have those Popsicles :( maybe that’s why I don’t miss them :D
    Batelco is the best … don’t say anything bad about them!!

    Finally, sorry about your baby … she’ll get better soon … she’s just out to get some TLC and will be back!

  6. Say, that’s all you have in your freezer!!? I’m a single guy and I have a ton more in mine!

  7. Killer Bee Bop

    You know, when you use Ctrl+c, you MUST be careful not to use it again, DAMN!

    I’m not gonna repeat myself, I hate my stupid short attention span …


  8. Vas

    Amazing the photo of the deep freezer: The simplicity of an honest liking…

  9. MMM

    Wow, you just took me back to my summers in Jordan where I’d buy loads and loads of those same “Icy” red popsicles.
    They’re great…
    I think I used to have like 10 or more every day, lol…

    Thanks for reminding me :)

  10. Qweider, wha’ts lemons glass? aNd how do I get it?

  11. You remind of my days at school when we used to go to a mini mini market called “abu 3udai” hehe and the number one sales product was something like “Askimo” or your strawbery flavor iced water, that was packed in a long plastic transparent pack hehe i never saw one after i graduated…actually am not sure if anyone else sell this thing hehe but in hot days, it surely did its job :p

  12. Lemongrass ya sit roba…
    OO 3abbreeni bi zyara … your “Design” skills are needed

  13. When I was a boy (oh so long ago) we had plactic containers which we used to make our own popsicle variants. You would the popsicle shaped container with whatever–juice, soda–turn it upside down in rack which held it in place, and then put a plastic stick in the bottom. Pop the rack in the ice box and presto–your own customed-designed popsicles.

    Pepsi popsicle, anyone?

  14. YUMM! Icy

    Ya3nee ya Roba I thought we had an endorsement with Jabri’s Hi
    Sa7 walla la2? HEHEHE

    The freezer looks depressing,
    and I’m glad raddeati 3alai regarding the floating survey! hehe

    la t5as inshallah you’ll get votes! hehe


  15. Roba and Omar, are you guys living alone or something? I swear I feel sorry for you with that empty freezer!
    Come over, I’ll cook you some Mansaf :D
    OO ya Sit Roba zifteh … vist my batteekh and give me your opnion about the logo design … Do I have to beg ya3ni!!!!? Yin3an 7areesh hal shaghleh!

  16. Hi .. I didnt have that in ages !! I wanna taste colours :)

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