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Get your pencils out

because it’s time to scribble in your ticks for the best designed blog on toot! Exciting, eh? So go ahead, cast your vote, and let the best design win.

You can vote for up to 10 blogs blogs on toot Show the love for the blogs you love!

So you’re wondering why? Well, toot is not only interested in providing the best content, but we’re also interested in making sure that this great content is represented in a visually pleasing manner- you know, eye candy! So as easy as that, we decided to run a competition to choose the best designed blogs on toot! Good luck for all blogs!


Student of Design


Strawberry Flavored Water Ice


  1. I’m not even on toot :(

  2. Killer Bee Bop

    Man, you’re obsessed with being on aggregators, let it drop damn it! :P

    What the hell do I know about best design? :|

  3. Joining an aggregator means competition, exposure, trying to prove yourself among so many people.

    I love competitions, because I love winning. I love to put all my effort and concentrate on something and go for it. I love being the go-getter.

    It’s about making friends with new people, learning more about others, talking and discussing and trying to hold a conversation.

    That’s what it’s about my friend.

  4. Roba, I hope you don’t throw a fit at me while I just add few things as a feedback
    Call me mutakhallef as much as you like but the whole competition is based on the wrong grounds, and here’s why
    1) The competition is supposed to be for “the best blogs in the Arab world” and I find that statement extremely exaggerated. Yeah the attempt is there, but I’m not sure it’s true
    2) What does “Best design” means? does it mean visually attractive? Contains better organization? More efficient use of screen real state? Runs better technology? Technically superior? Has most original content? Relaxing to the eye? Inspiring? What’s the definition of “Best design” in your view? does it match people’s definition?
    3) What about “others” who are not on Toot? What’s the basis of being included on Toot, Content? Value? Appearance? Number of posts? How long you’ve had a blog!!?

    I’m not trying to stir up issues here, but usually, a competition has categories and I find this one lacking in that arena.

    What I’m seeing is just another “American Idol” competition..

  5. your reader survey thumb is covering all your entries. It’s practically flying! Why don’t you fix it?!

    Vote for Bakka! :D


  6. really u have one of the best blog site designs…n the rest it was so easy to make the choice cause there is not much desings out there…
    i guess if it was a “best toot slogan competion” that will be much fun and everybody will be able to come up with a slogan
    cause thats what blogging is about words n sentences ;)

  7. i meant competition

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