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Student of Design

… and one of the worst bits about that is creating makeshift solutions for “I’m just a student with no professional equipment” problems. Take for example a project due this Sunday- how the heck am I going to give the font on my package that shiny gellatine-y cover layer?

Genius makeshift solution: Maybelline Water Shine Nail Polish – chip resistant and super high-shine, all the while somehow managing to maintain the font’s characteristics.

zooksies 1036

It doesn’t show much in the picture- but seriously, it shines!

The freaky thing about all this is the fact that I just cannot get myself to sit still and listen to one hour of a movie, and yet I can sit for three hours painting type with nailpolish. And I actually enjoy it.

Time to go spray glue. Did I ever mention that I absolutely love UHU Spray Glue? Ahhh… efficiency in a bottle!


I know you well, I know your smell


Get your pencils out


  1. Killer Bee Bop

    Roba? What the hell is this? :|

    And your cutting mat is tooted, La3anty 7aramha! LOL.

  2. Willa KBB … this one “Bitshatteb Ma bitgatteb” chick! You better watch it, or she’ll tislakhak shafra

  3. To maintain “you can´t break rules”, you have to break rules sometimes.

    BTW. Nice Blog.

  4. Ahhh… The good ol’ manual work days.. Too bad you can’t use photoshop :)
    why don’t you use grey zipaton? it’s cleaner and neater than nail polish.
    it will take some extra work but you seem like the hardworking type.

    Whatever happened to 3M Glue spray?

  5. Actually, it’s not odd that you prefer to finish a project rather than watch a film. The latter is passive while the former is active. The pleasure of creating is superior to the pleasure of consuming.

  6. your bad in coloring, why masking with magic tapes? well, i’m in year 1 now and trust me , i had good doctors that thought me how to do it perfect without masking

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