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Abdoun Circle during her prime…


  1. Very fashionable :)
    Nice Lense dude!

  2. G

    Its not bad.. i acctually like it!

  3. Killer Bee Bop

    Bah, don’t remind me! :|

    Is that Laith? Just remembered, Blogger meet-up was today …

  4. I’d buy one of those purses, if it comes in blue! :D

  5. Nas

    reminds me of an episode of Friends…Joey and his man purse

  6. You have no idea! fata7 brasna shaware3 talking about the lenses…

  7. Killer Bee Bop

    Lenses? What color? Monthly or permanent? :P

    Bleh, that sucked, I know …

  8. Is that a Vuitton?

  9. Jameed, I would have done the same ;) I got my self a bunch of those, 12-24f3.5,18-55f3.5-5.6, 50F1.4, 24-70F2.8,28-300f3.5-5.6,70-200f2.8, and 70-300f3.5 super macro! I’ve got the bug too :)

  10. Well, man is certainly becoming..

    man + purse, not so much. But, hey I salute his masculinity.

  11. Prof. lenses :)

  12. quweider

    the 70-200 is it with IS?

    ana miskeen i only have the 70-200 f.4


  13. Nope, mine is not IS

  14. Haha. Ukrainian men love these things. My father is a big burly ex-KGB type, and he’s got one. It’s all about being comfortable with one’s masculinity, folks.

  15. lol nice pic :)but idont like ur bag:P

  16. Hater

    judging by the photos on your blog, you obviously do not need all these lenses. A disposable can take better pictures.
    The swan was a real masterpiece dude.

  17. Ok, I’m jealous. You guys have lenses and stuff. I don’t even have a real camera :

  18. Rooby … buddy, I have 2 DSLRs, and you’re welcome to use one :)

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