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I know you well, I know your smell


Call me sentimental (which I’m really not unless its about streets and colors and stuff), but my heart aches every time I see this (which is often, as Abdoun is a quite-often taken route)- Dowar Abdoun Moghlaq! Abdoun Circle is shut!

The drama.

From all the circles of Amman (and they are plenty), Abdoun Circle is the dearest one to my heart. It was just the thing throughout my teenage years. I wasn’t old enough to drive, but my god, I can’t help but smile remembering the countless times I was driven around Abdoun Circle by others just for “fun”, which was always followed by an evening lingering in Galleria, MacDonalds, and Gerards. Beep, beep!

Dowar Abdoun Moghlaq. Ahh ya albi!

(me not the only one, Hala is better at having fits, enjoy!)


Abdoun Circle during her prime…


Student of Design


  1. Dar

    Lol , it seems that it is all about streets and constructions today !


  2. I read Hala’s article and I feel digusted as well. The problem is once it is re-opened, is it going to be one of these bridges on top of a tunnel under another tunnel thingies??! can you still take multiple drives around it, and sit on it’s benches eating shawerma and smoking cigarettes?
    if that had happened a few years back, i am sure some folks would have committed suicide over it. “il dowar” was a lifestyle.

  3. Lah lah lah ya Rooby .. Salamet Albek …. don’t be upset … it will eventually go back to it’s good old glamour … bas wala yi7zan albek :)
    Thanks for dropping by

  4. Killer Bee Bop

    Bleh, roo7y raw7y …

    Ba3dein, go learn how to spell damn it (not just spelling btw)! You so-anal-about-language you … :|

    I couldn’t care less about Abdoun Circle! :P

  5. Its just a matter of time and the city will pick up its glamour again … you should see the construction here in Dubai %(

  6. all the ice-cream talking on a hot day, i would care less about that circle…el-mohim Gerard’s won’t run out of bussiness

  7. B|
    good bussiness…thats a problem…
    a problem,because there should be some consideration for all those shops,i love gerard after all!and a huge problem that something soo lame as circle in a ‘$$$’ neighborhood would represent good bussiness,and attract soo much attention!
    am i the only one who thinks abdoun circle is just proof of the high percentage of loosers we have in this country??!!!
    ‘im not really waiting for an answer’

  8. i still can’t believe that this is the same 3abdoun :(
    it’s so ruined, i miss gerard as well :(

  9. Where else am I gonna drive around and around and around aimlessly, and check out guys in their cars??? Huh? Huh? HUH?!?!?!

  10. mmm.. please don’t hate me for what i’m going to say, but for me Abdoun Circle is a place where 7afartal uneducated, uncultured guys and airheaded girls, gathering there because they have nothing better to do. not generalizing of course, but Abdoun Circle for me is one of the hated places in amman, like Rabieh.

  11. This may sound sophmoric, but electro and dozz are stupid idiots. (nothing personal).

  12. it seems i struck someone’s sensitive nerve when i said “7afartal uneducated, uncultured guys and airheaded girls“!!

  13. BadGuy

    el dam3a 3al khad o 3arrth okhti! im not even in Jordan at the moment, but hearing about this shakes some memories back into life..dowar 3abdun is part of – pretty much – every 18-22 year old (now)….i miss 3amman!!

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