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Abdoun Circle during her prime…

Nostalgia. I actually love this picture although it isn’t much of a work of art. It was probably taken 3 years ago.

lema 596




I know you well, I know your smell


  1. Nas

    i’m trying to remember it before mcdonalds replaced dunkin donuts, and even before then. i remember when tche tche opened and everyone HAD to get in. I remember Planet Hollywood and rumors that Bruce Willis would be there.

    Fondest memory would have to be 1999/2000 new year when the whole area was closed off from cars and people were everywhere…shooting firecrackers at each other…like a war zone.

    and before that…i remember it being almost empty in 1995. just the orthodox club, wild dogs roaming the hills and Stallions ripping people off with 25jd original music CDs

    good times.

  2. EP

    Damn I used to love this circle.

    I’m anxious to living in amman, again.
    Anxious anxious anxious!!!

  3. LOL, its prime? It looks empty in this picture :D I’ll tell you about the prime days of Abdoun circle.

    At its prime, I would expect there to be about a dozen guys gathered just near that car that’s parked there, all of them eating shawerma. Walking past them are groups of other guys 7afteling around waves of families with kids who are going to get their shawerma from al day3a too and a few others who feel like Hummus from Kalha tonight instead of their weekly dose of shawerma. The guy who just bought shawerma for his family is heading towards his car and is telling the guys to “law sama7t ba33ed 3an el sayyara”, while scattered groups of teenage girls are trying to make their way amongst the crowds towards this ice cream place from which this picture was taken, and they’re walking with the hope of attracting as small attention as possible.

    In its prime the circle won’t be empty of cars, it would actually be almost jammed with them and there will be two cops one of them on a motorcycle that’s parked right at that island in this picture, and there will ALWAYS be at least one car that he has stopped to give some kind of a ticket or a warning, and almost every 5 minutes two guys that know each other will pop out of the windows of two different cars that meet right in front of gerard and will engage in a mbawaseh session right in the middle of the street.

    In its prime, there would be at least one BMW za3ra in this picture with a bunch of guys inside who just bought those glow sticks from a guy who was selling them near the Donner shawerma place just to the right of this picture and have put them around their necks. In its prime this car full of 25-30 year old guys would stop to ask you “3abdoun mall wain?”

    The prime days of Abdoun circle.

  4. Hamzeh, lol, thanks for making it a little worse for me! God… reading your comment breaks my heart even further :( You described it so perfectly!!
    Abdoun Circle was the life of the fafi side of Amman- I can’t imagine how this summer will be without it.
    Not Abdoun Circle.

    Nas, man, I completely forgot about the Stallion store! Shu zamaaaaaan! I do remember the ugly candle sculpture in the middle of Dowar Abdoun though :D that was funny.

  5. Roba, did they already close it down for construction work?

    What exactly are they gonna do there?

  6. Killer Bee Bop

    Wow, that was really descriptive mate, good job. Reminds me of that post Hal wrote about Jordan, although yours is in much simpler language, which still works just fine … :P

  7. What strikes me about that photograph is that the “ghosts” in the glass give a feeling of impermanence to the whole scene. Prophetic?

    Um – I seem to be having trouble with the “word verification”. This is my third attempt. If this results in multiple posts, please delete, and forgive me.

  8. OH GOD I WANNA CRY!!! Nas and Hamzeh, you described Abdoun circle perfectly and I can’t BELIEVE they are taking away such an important part of our experience of Amman…Even I, A GIRL, used to drive round and round and round the circle and the area. And I cannot survive an entire summer without Gerard. And I am sooooooo pissed about this. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH…….

  9. I liked you using “HER” in reference to Abdoun circle, actually it gives new perspective to things!

    I’m not a big fan of her, I dunno

    I remember when we used to walk there, Abdoun was so empty. We used to go and check out the construction site of the American embassy! lol Deer Ghbar was never heard of. We used to play with M16 the guards had.

    I remember getting in trouble with some Gypsies!
    Yeah, there was this girl that I had a crush on, I used to play with their neighbors although I didn’t like them, just to see her or get the chance to play with her! Seriously she was such a shagfeh!

    Don’t worry guys! The circle stays! All they gonna do is open a tunnel under beneath “her” (mmmmh bad wording ,eh?).
    Anyways, it will look something similar to 3rd circle

  10. UK girls

    I live in England, and ive only been to abdoun once last year, (prana) it was soo fun! to come from a quiet place in jordan and be brought up in dubai and london its great to come back and see what jordans like.

    I was in abdoun today and couldnt stay in one place.. ended up in blufig then starbucks then laguanos then ice-cream and things. i didnt want to miss out on anything lol..

    Its so great seeing abdoun again, with the new bridge and read such beautiful comments about it. the discriptions are truely amazing!! I love being Jordanian and i love abdoun (circle)!! xx

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