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“Sixty Springs in Your Glory, oh, Jordan!”

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That’s so slogan they’re using to celebrate Independence Day on University Street, my literal translation of “ستين ربيعا في مجدك يا أردن”.

Sixty springs- what a fascinating way to put it, especially as spring has so many symbolic meanings. Sixty years of flowery hills and clear blue skies after a winter. Sixty years of a new beginning. Sixty years of spring under the Jordanian sky.

Above is my favorite view of Amman, a representation of cultural and historical diversity, hills, and the bluest blue.

Happy Independence Day, Jordan, with much, much love.


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  1. Roba, have you seen the picture I took from the very same spot?
    check it here:
    Which is a view from the 1st circle, close to Wild Jordan :)

  2. Wallah nice slogan and nice photo too :)

  3. Happy Independance Day! =)

  4. Qweider, it is from the exact same spot! Even the haunted house mbayen! Cool, dude.

  5. Independance from who??? lol

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