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Snip, snap.
Oh, damn, he’s cutting it too short.
Snip, snip, snip.
I watch my strands fall off to the floor with horror.
He catches my expression, shakes his head and holds up his brush, with my hair rolled tightly on it, “How many times a week do you wash your hair?”
“Yes, I can tell. Your hair is so thin and so fragile! Ya 7ayateh you should only wash it three times a week.”
“I can’t. I hate the feel of it.”
“But you will get used to it 7ayateh! Three times a week.”
He gets out his blow dryer. I hate this part- not only does he burn my scalp, he also manages to pull my hair out of its roots, and to make matters worse, this terrible proccess is always followed with dollops and dollops of wax- “For volume 7ayateh.” Ok. Volume. Volume is good, right?

I leave looking like a poodle. A GODDAMN POODLE.

In the car, I call a friend of mine, “I look like a poodle.”
“Good,” he told me cheerfully. “I like poodles.”
Wrong answer.

Ruff. Ruff.


“Sixty Springs in Your Glory, oh, Jordan!”




  1. Z.

    No photo?? :)

  2. What’s wrong with Poodles? I love poodles!! They’re so cute … check out my cutie beauty :)

  3. I love poodles :P Wrong answer I guess, bs na3 na3! ;)

  4. Anonymous

    Kif halik Roba?

    Thank you so much for your creative writing. You have added a smile to an already wonderful day. Even in your despair, there is a touch of humour, and I love living a Jordanian life through you.

  5. we wanna see! i bet you look great roba.

  6. EP

    I’m bored.
    But I smiled anyway, if you want to know.

    ruff ruff!

  7. I just loved your haircut Roba … you look so cute and it really suits your face :)

    And you don’t look like a poodle :)

  8. Anonymous

    correction : dollop, not dallop

  9. LOL, maybe a photo from the meet-up later on if anyone took any, but it’s after a lot of work from my side.

    Qweider, man, thanks for rubbing in the fact that I look like a poodle, Wow, the way the strands stand!!!

    Anonymous, ooh, thanks :)

    Khalidah, you are so sweet!!

  10. Anon, ooh, thanks for the heads up!

  11. Rooby!! We all love you like this … don’t start looking like Pamella Anderson all of a sudden!
    We like you, dorky, poodley .. but Smart! so stay that way, and keep looking like an innocent 5 year old!
    And, don’t say you don’t like my little doggie :), she would be heart broken!

  12. Just saw your new picture and it’s really cute, you don’t look like a poodle at all!
    I like you better with glasses. I was shocked to see you without them
    Oh and that Tattoo … really hot!
    Yalla 3ad, isti7i 3ala dammek and come to my blog and leave me a note …

  13. what? where did you see a picture of me?!

  14. Mar

    Same feeling, everytime. Yes I wash it everyday and I’m not planning on changing that 7ayete.

    I know it’s thin. Thanks for the discovery and the enlightenment 7ayete.

  15. Saw it on flicker! Can’t find it anymore

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