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“Sure, I go around assuming they are all a-holes, and that way, when one isn’t an a-hole, I am pleasantly surprised, instead of being constantly disappointed.”


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  1. Very nice, very true and worth quoting :)

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Pessimestic?

  3. And that’s boys and girls what I call … “Negative attitude”
    Negativity, begets negativity.. it’s a vicious cycle … and if you never give people the benefit of the doubt. You end up being alone and sad
    When you deal with someone for the first time and you feel he’s an A-hole … He will MOST CERTAINLY reciprocate …

  4. Anonymous

    This is the classic Self Fulfilling Prophecy,
    You assume someone is an A-hole, you treat him/her like one, and he/she reciprocates. Barra bum Barra boom, your prophecy is fulfilled

  5. Nas

    omg, I had this exact exact exact same thought in my head less than 24 hours ago, except I wasn’t thinking “a-holes” but instead “ill natured” was the word I used and also it was in reference to humanity in general.

    wicked cool

  6. Anonymous

    Why do you think just Arabic guys? I think guys in general, unless she hasn’t left the M.E. I’ve never been called one personally, but let me assure you they are all around us.

    Guys can fire back to that quote and assume “they” are all self absorbed, money hungry, (fill in the blanks), biatches.

    And sometimes all a guy has left is being one BIG A-HOLE. Then some of the ladies will know they can’t ride us like a donkey.

  7. MMM

    I know a lot of girls who think exactly like that, lol…

  8. is that a trick question?

    —->Nice guys always finish last.

  9. Of course you were talking about guys, and i assume specifically ARAB GUYS…they dont cease to disappoint you over and over again..

  10. Quote of the day for all of you who continue to diss arab guys:
    ALL generalizations are false

  11. MEN SUCK

  12. heheheh, Nader! I’m gonna assume you weren’t sarcastic there. And Nas, you see, great minds think alike!

    And yes, GUYS. And not only Arab guys. No no no no no, ALL guys. INTERNATIONALLY speaking. And I tell you, I’ve met my share fair (ahem). Ooo ba3dein, they all have different degress of assholicness, and some are worse than others, BUT STILL.


  13. Anonymous

    Can I apply that on people as a whole then? Because that way it works out pretty well for me:)

  14. Killer Bee Bop

    Yes, works better for me as well. We are ALL “A-holes”, face it, live with it and forget about it.


    Hmm, I think I should patent this too! :D

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