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My favorite new possession…

zooksies 1004


Ctrl + Z


Learning To Fly


  1. Hey … careful … That specific model is known to be “flippy”. They used to sell them at Costco for $135 like couple of years ago… so BE CAREFUL…. Please

  2. Qweider, $135?! Wow, I must have gotten a really good deal at almost half price… And yeah.. it is quite flippy.. but it becomes really close to the floor when there’s weight on it so it’s more like fallish than flippy.
    It’s awesome though :D

  3. Killer Bee Bop

    Can you use yer Lappy there? Otherwise, it’s for no good …

  4. Gus (brother)

    Roba .. u do know that i am gonna hog it when ever i can :D

  5. Gus …. I’ll pay to take a picture of Roba being flipped off it :D

  6. Qweider, man, hehe, you are evil!!!!

  7. If you pay attention where the laptop is on that table, you can see the Hookah ..
    Now we know where you get your inspiration Roba … Is that tobacco? why does it smell like sage?
    hehehe … tle3tee sharreebet hookah!!?
    Funny story about hookah…
    I was talking downtown with a friend saying something like I want a HookaH, so this guy in a long pink leather coat comes to me and say .. hey you want a HookeR?

  8. ma beeji ma3ha catalog?

  9. Shy

    If you learn how to stay on that hammock without flipping over then you’ve mastered the art of relaxation :p

  10. how do you say hammock in Arabic?

  11. Mink, I have no idea. I don’t think there is a word for it…

  12. I didn’t want to answer, but since you said you don’t know … then I shall run to your rescue… A good word is …Morjeeha

  13. Oooh.. is it a morjeeha? But a morjeeha is a swing.. and a hammock isnt a swing..

  14. Masheeha :(

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