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The ugliest gadget in the world


I mean, seriously, what sort of terrible idea is that? Who said anything about mutated technology looking cool? I for one find nothing appealing in having a twig sticking out of my computer.



Just a little pinprick


No truce yet


  1. You should come and see the stupid crap they do over here to “Pimp-up” thier PC’s … disco lights, multi colored fans with plexy glass translucent covers and black lights internally.
    If that wasn’t enough, Multi dial FAN CONTROL! for god’s sake, cooling is essential to modern processors, but multi-dial manually controlled fans are just gay!

  2. are they marketing it as a miswak usb ?

  3. Maybe if it had leaves?

  4. It’s all a ploy by the tree huggers to “keep Mother Earth green”.

  5. Jad

    ROBA ROBA! did notice the red boot in the second picture? it’s AWESOME!
    ohh la laaah

  6. ahhahahah…jad walla inak bidtha7ek

  7. b.

    I’ve seen little sushi ones, which were cute but impractical (ate up space and covered neighboring USB ports)…but this? Twigs? Looks like there was an unfortunate incident involving a tornado, one’s prized computer, and a tree — and the computer is no more. Although the tree survived just fine.

  8. They have given “Getting connected to mother nature” a new meaning!

    It costs 45 what?

    Okay I’m buying some USBs for JD10 and get some kids to stuff it in Kosa and khyar!

    Sell it for JD15 to ART students at JU

  9. i like stupid stuff, i like it

  10. Qwieder, haha, hada zay il takasi il ordoneyeh. I think kitsch personalization is absolutely mindblowing in terms of em.. how interesting it is. It’s cool how people think.

    Laith, yalla, start a business, it might just work :P

    Don Wood, oooh, kinky. Leaves!

    Dave, Mother Earth herself will yell stop.

    Jad, they are cool! I love them! They’re actually the first thing I noticed.

    B. yeah, I’ve seen those too, I must say I didn’t like them much either. What’s wrong with a regular USB port? But haha, I love your descriptio of what it looks like!!! It indeed looks as if it’s a result of a tornado.

    Firas, haha, that would make them an awesome slogan actually!!! Bas shayef, 45 2al.. wallah law shu.
    O shuuu… kosa o khyar?!!! Roo7 rawe7 :P Perhaps shoes….

    Manal, lol, cool. Il denya azwa2 :)

  11. Killer Bee Bop

    Get lost, that is NOT kitsch, you’re mean! :(

    I have a LED-ded N.B. fan that changes colors and flashing modes with time. It came with my MoBo and I love it. My Aluminum Case should have been bought with a windowed cover and a side fan and Neon lights, but that model was out of stock then and I had to buy the all Aluminum one! :(
    Well, it wouldn’t matter much since I rarely have it closed … :P

    And ya ain’t seen nothing yet, that’s plain standard nowadays …

    Whatever, Jordanians still buy Bontiom 4 Hi-bar Thridding, lol.
    8xx series, 9xx series, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, and ALL OF AMD CORPORATION! They never heard of those things! :|

    I like the twig thingy, it’s fancy shmancy! (I don’t usually give a damn about such stuff, but this one I really liked!) :D

    Firas, lol mate, good one. But come on, that’s not too much of a price. And DON’T listen to Roba about the Saraami part, this is going WAY TOO FAR!

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