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No truce yet

Jad says:
K, are you coming?
we are ordering mansaf from Jabri
K says:
yeah coming
Roba says:
2of, ana mish ma3zoomeh?
Jad says:
roba, No you are NOT
Roba says:
hehe, toz
Jad says:
3aliki, eh!
Roba says:
K says:
roba you are always welcomed… you kow that
Jad says:
K, no she is not and she knows that
K says:
you are very mistaken jad…
Jad says:
she didn’t add my blog! so she is NOT
Roba says:
you know Jad, your humor is growing on me, after what.. 2 years of knowing you?
Jad says:
Roba, actually it’s after two years of civil war between us

K has left the conversation.

Roba says:
hehe yeah.. civil war
Roba says:
so this is a truce?
Jad says:
Roba says:
Jad says:
anyway if you can eat with your hands you can join us
Roba says:
la2 ya3, ba2raf
Jad says:
ya3 be3enek, sho eneek high class , yo2oo yo2oo


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  1. Every body loves Rooby!
    Ta3ali 3indi … oo elek a7la mansaf .. oo bil ma3la2a kaman …
    Hey … mish asdi 3indi 3indi … asdi 3al blog ;-) a7la sooret mansaf la 3yoonek :) الأبداع في …. المــــــنـــــســـــــف

  2. 3aBBaS

    lol why do i feel that we are the only people in the world who make big deal of a meal? jad..notice it people… its like, WOW MANSAF! at work, a guy goes like, guess sho akalet embareh? first answer will be, Mansaf?..or:

    – Ya zalameh akalna mansaf embareh!!
    – Bellah 3alaik! walak ya 3ars e7keee!!!

    mesh 3aref..ghareeb… okays its good and yummy..but not being crazy about it..

    i have a friend, 3abbadi..i swear he takes mansaf for breakfast..7-8 am when he wakes up..and he is so proud about it, and he keeps talking about mansaf everytime he eats mansaf..well roba..i hate to eat with my hand myself!! and everytime this guy invites us over, he gets me a Fork and a plate! enno, the guys go like, walak enta tant o dalloo3..and i go like, ya ekhwan, whats the point of eating with your hand ya3ni? fahmoooni! why did they invent spoons and forks? its like Rojooleh! e3333 Garaf!!!


  3. hey! dont mess with mensaf…mensaf is the greatest..biddi!!!

  4. FE KAN MANSAF BEL MAKTAB WE MA 7aketoly !!! 7’awanah

  5. المشكلة انو حتى نصلح بين روبا و جاد الشغلةماإبتزبط الصلحة إلى على منسف!

  6. Anonymous

    whats this bollox? do we really need to read this?

    A wise man once said better to keep your mouth shut and give them impression you are stupid that to open it and remove all doubt.

  7. Qwieider, ibda3 mish ib3a2el! I actually love mansaf, it’s my favorite dish, so that’s totally making me drool.

    3abbas,Arabs are very food conscious aren’t they? Look at relatives for examle… the best wayto show love is to stuff kids.I agree with you about the utensils deal, not using utensils is just pure gross. High class or not.

    Euroarabe, ana kaman beddi!

    Wael, haha, apparently, it turned out to be a joke.

    Firas, haha, shayef ballah?! Yo, are you coming to the next meet-up?

    Anonymous, oh, well.

  8. Killer Bee Bop

    Mansaf is sooo overrated! :O

    Qwaider, bala fadhaayeh yuba, el Mansaf taa3ak bala Jameed! :O Ba3dain sandweeshet 7ommos wu Falaafel mo3tabarah btiswa sitteen Mansaf khayyoah, maashy? ;)

    And Jameed, eat your heart out. (is that some sort of 6ubbet Jameed kbeereh btw?) ;)

  9. I am not a fan of mansaf at all?

  10. husams

    Roba, msh enti vegetable, kaif btokly mansaf!

  11. Rolling on the floor laughing My freaken A$$ out @ Vegetable!!!
    Hoo hoo … my sides …. :D
    Allah yis3edak ya Husams!

  12. eating with hands is so not healthy, i mean the smell won’t go out

  13. Anonymous

    moey stop being a sissy, what is so unhealthy about eating with your hands? call yourself a hard metalhead? sheesh.

  14. Anonymous

    moey: sorry i didnt mean to call you a sissy, ya drama queen

  15. husams

    Opps Qwaidar, I actually meant Fruitarian, cuz vegetables have souls! 7aram b7azno

    Walak hay “vegetable” takhweet 3la her interview with JameedCast, ya3ni “sareqa comedyeh” and you suppose to laugh at it, so thanks for laughing ;)

  16. husam …. Aren’t you glad I’m the only person who got it?
    Additionally, I think it matches Roba very well … hehehehe
    I’m a vegeterian too…. I just additionally eat meat, chicken and fish.

  17. husams

    Lol qwaidar, I’m in fact glad that after 4 days of posting your comment, you came back and read my recent reply, I thought I’m just keeping my comment for historical reference not to be read.

    But tell me Qwaidar, aren’t you glad that after only 15 days of blogging, someone did know you, or should we Ask Sam ;) now I’m sure you are the only one who got it :p

  18. Bread crumbs my friend …. the trail never ends :)
    But Thank you. yes, I’m very glad you did. Apparenly, some people do have good memories :) That’s why I’m Documenting them now
    Shoot me a mail sometime

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