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It’s his birthday, but instead of allowing us to celebrate him, he’s celebrating us. He took my mother to the Dead Sea this weekend. He rented a car for me today. He bought the boys a new screen.

It amazes me how a person can give so much while expecting nothing in return.

I had the happiest childhood. I don’t ever remember a time when I felt like my life was missing something. Love was granted so generously. Fun was holy. Trips on holidays, even if they’re only to nearby towns, make my sweetest memories.

One of my few very early memories involves him tossing me into a pond. I remember my mother would be freaking out in the background but I would only giggle and go back for more. Fast forward a few years, early 90’s, before the globalization of Saudi Arabia, and I have a bagful of clothes on my bed from dad’s latest trip to Holland. During my early teens, it was a habit for dad to take us to Fuddruckers for lunch every Friday, and we would just sit and laugh and talk about the past week.

When I graduated from highschool, he came with me to JU and helped me fill out the application papers, which were probably the first things I’ve ever had to fill out in Arabic in my entire life. That day, I applied for Fine Arts and Design, and when I went to give in my application to the registrar, he shook his head and told me with my grades, he refuses to let me apply for Fine Arts, and that he will put me in under Architecture, “Which is the same thing 3amo, but for smarter people.” My dad took it from there, although he was probably the person who was the least keen on the idea of me studying what I do.

That’s who he is, and that’s why I am who I am. The picture above is during my 6th birthday. The pictures below are of trips during short vacations. We would drive around for hours listening to Majida il Roumi and Kathem Il Saher. We would play a game called “Shu Lon 3aroosti” and he would tell us about Nables.

Happy birthday. With much love.

sea shell chair


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Just a little pinprick


  1. Happy Birthday to him, Roba. You are so lucky and fortuante to have such a loving father. I loved the first picture, you look very cute.

  2. Gus

    Happy birthdqay baba.. i love u ! U’ve been amazing to me my entire life! Words cant express how i feel and u know that, ur the best dad anyone can ever ask for.
    I will never forget anything u did for me and i appreciate all of them.. I remember how u played with us even when u were tiered! I LOVE U 7ABIBY !!

  3. You know … I strongly feel that history has not been kind to fathers. Only mothers, and thier sacrifice is mentioned, but fathers…. Nothing at all. “You don’t need your father, you need your mother”
    I strongly believe fathers have major roles to play in thier childrens’ life. The sad part it’s never relized exept way too late.
    Happy birday to your father. And lots of love to him, to mine and to all great fathers of the world, who gave so much, and expected so little, just expected us to be better than them, they would have gladly gave thier life for that…
    I’m always humbled by thier achievments…. May god bless them always

  4. Hello, it’s touching and I wish I can write something like that. Happy birthday to father.

  5. Alha y7’aliko laba3dko, you made me choak

  6. wein il knafeh?

  7. Alla ykhalilik iyyah,

  8. happy birthday amo sami..

    sami always produces the best individuals ;)


  9. May God give him good health for many years to come

  10. Happy Birthday to him

    No wonder you are the great person I know … with a father like yours … one should not expect less … he must be proud of you

    I hope you all had fun :)

  11. الله يخليكم لبعض

    And Happy birthday to him:)

  12. me and ur dad have the same bday?



  13. Happy Birthday to Roba’s Father!

    I guess it’s great to still be able to love somebody at an age where you’re expected to complain and bitch about him…And he made it very easy for you to love him unconditionally obviously.

  14. What a gorgeous tribute to your father and your love for him. Reading this really made my day.

  15. I liked this post very much; its really great to read for a girl writing about her father with this love, respect and proudness.

    You are so lucky to have such a great father; I think the special relationship between a girl and her dad makes her so special and self confident.

    Happy birthday to 3amo w inshallah el3omor kollo :)

  16. ee! I share the same birthday with ur father!
    that’s cool!
    happy birthday to him..all the best

  17. Thank you guys! You are all so sweet :)

  18. Kol Sane wa your dad salem :)
    May he have a healthy like full of happiness & joy.
    Take Care

  19. Vas

    what a loving note for the father!!! best wishes for him and for you, to be keeping this marmth always, and this precise and positive memory.

  20. I can’t believe I missed this post and just read it NOW, so many days later! I LOVE IT! It made me want to go home and hug my dad…your words are so powerful babe.

  21. Anonymous


    “That’s who he is, and that’s why I am who I am”. That’s my favorite line. Rambling Hal, you were saying Roba uses very powerful words, hell you are so right!

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