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I’m the only girl in a family of males. Even Whitey is male. And I hate it. HATE IT. HATE IT!

So the boys and I are always violently fighting.

I woke up this morning to find this on my desktop, courtsey of brother Omar, who loves stealing my glasses and making use of the fact that he’s 2.00 meters tall to put them in places that I cannot reach (click to read):

(2aah, Sayed Qweider?)


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  1. That was funny. If indeed you have three all-male kids in the future Roba, you can always donate them! I am sure you are resourceful enough to handle that ;)

  2. LOOOOOOL Tololy!!! That’s hilarious. Donate boys.. can I donate my brothers too?

    (yes, yes, I’m just kidding, you know I love you)

  3. We had a 5 girls – one boy household and believe me he was more than a handfull .. how about 3 boys and you are alone in the middle … my heart goes out for you

    Now I guess Qwaider knows that you are more than prepared .. LOL

  4. Actually …. her brother … has already started her training … she’ll make a good soccor mommy :). They’ll be playing soccor … she’ll be the ball (iza kano mikhwileen)

    Roba’s bro … Respect man!!

  5. Omar (Brother)

    hhahahah… i love you roba

    you guys have no idea how fun it is to torture a sister how is shorter than you by placing things in the higher level of our house….

    3a rasi قويدر… but maybe you miss read it… cause she already has 3 brothers


  6. kinzi

    Ya maskina, ya Roba, this will be the fate of my precious daughter with her three older brothers NOT!!!!

  7. Cute, all these are really cute.

  8. Thankfully I have 3 brothers, so we’re all boys in the household. However, we have a mother (obviously female) and 4 female cats. So we get to pick on them :-D, actually I just pick on my mother, no body is allowed to touch the cats. I guess if we had a sister she’d be dead meat by now. So yeah, poor thing you.

    (Just to make you feel better, your brothers are very very nice compared to what I/mine used to do).

  9. Hey my brother does the same thing to me, he puts things in high places that I cannot reach (moi petite), he scares me with live butterflies, he uses my gadgets all the time, and he even uses my PC all the time (when do I get my laptop?).

    It is imperative that we find a solution for this problem named “brother”, Roba. I liked a poster at the mall once, it read “boys are stupid, throw rocks at them”!

  10. Well … since I grew up with three sisters. I suffered too! They invented a language to talk to each other and leave me (thier youngest brother) out :(
    Girls are mean!

  11. Roba I know exactly the feeling of being a girl with 3 brothers and no sisters :-) ask me about it :P
    bs ana elly mjanineethom :)

    on the other side I think you know the advantages of being the only girl in the family :)

  12. See … told you … Girlth are mean

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