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And Far Away Reader Survey

I just put up a reader survey and would really appreciate it if you took a minute to fill it out. It’s short and sweet and doesn’t require any blabbering from your side.

You can access it by either clicking the image below or the image on the sidebar.
Mucho gracias!

(Why? Simply because I need to know the percentage of readers who understand the phrase “hishek bishek” and know what Shmesani kids are, and also for general “target audience” reasons.
I guess all those marketing classes in highschool paid off.)


I’m a cowboy, baybee




  1. Killer Bee Bop

    ¡Muchas Gracias!
    ya mash6oobeh! Darn it, you’re like all of those pretenders that say “No problemo”, this is too much … :(

    Anyway, I had no idea what Shmesani kids were! :O
    Since when did it refer to spoiled and rich West Amman kids? :|

    I’m out of gas, it’s all out, off to re-stock … ;)

  2. annanomyemus

    What is Up with (“Israel”) as a country option ??? I thought we were still referring to that thing as the “occupation” or the “zionist entity” at best !!! unacceptable.

  3. Killer Bee Bop

    annanomyemuseesosaasaBLEH, get yer drowsy (from smelling farts) head out of yer stinking arse and start smelling anything but yer own farts mate! Israel is out there, and as far as I’m informed, Palestine is on the verge of being wiped out from the conscience of the world. You’re not helping, this is not how we are supposed to “get it back” …

    I’m sooo gonna patent this! © ;)

  4. Hey I was checking one of your pictures and discovered something in your palm (Yeah I’m a palm reader too)
    Anyway, When/IF you grow up and get married, you’re gonna have 3 all male kids … Just so you know. Get ready from now

  5. The survey Idea is GREAT :)
    I filled it out!

  6. Anonymous:Cant agree more.

    Roba I’d also appreciate it if you’d change it to “the occupied territories”. But as Usual Im sure im just gonna be shoo’d off with the “freedom of mindset and thoughts” phrase;)

    KBB: Take it easy man, مش مستاهلة كل هل انفعال;)


  8. DONE!!!!

    And first time I heard Hiskek Bishek? My friend works at a so-so clothing store, where the main items of clothing are lingeria, stockings, pyjamas, etc. On the mannequin in the store-front window, you will always find displayed belly-dancer llike lingerie, usually with garter belts and crotchless panties. My friend calls that HISHEK BISHEK sleepwear.


  9. Ohoud and Anonymous, this has nothing to do with politics or with freedom of speech. I put the country list according to my statistic hits, and I get a lot of hits from Israel, so I’m just wondering about the nature of Israeli readers. As for “Occupied Territories”, that is not something I identify myself with. I would never say “I am from the Occupied territories”, I would say “I am from Palestine”, especially as this blog is not that of an American or European or of even any Arab, it is that of someone Palestinian. Furtherly, this poll is for my own private uses and not for the sake of making any politically correct statements.

    Please pick your battles. I’m sick of having this issue picked on 3al raye7 wil nazel.

  10. Roba, Tale3 wil Nazel or Raye7 wil Jay or you can also use the awesome term, “Kul ma 7ak el kooz bil jarrah”

  11. Hmmm, whats up with the tone?

    Im not asking you to stick to any political statements neither to make a new one.

    Anyhow, I would like to clarify my point of mentioning it as “Occupied territories of Palestine” rather than “Palestine” as is.

    For me this way it will be a reminder for people that Palestine is still under occupation and still is suffering from daily apartheid.

    I could be nicely patriotic and say I would like to stick to Palestine, but I’d rather be more helpful in reminding people that my land is still under Zionist aggresion.

    p.s: talking about “sick”, I think the Palestinian people are also sick as being regarded part of an entity that is actually the aggresssor of their land;)

  12. Ohoud, Ohoud, I do not mean for there to be a tone. Sorry if it seemed like there is. I understand where you are coming from about the Occupied Territories bit, and I was just explaining to you why I chose to do what I did.

  13. Anonymous

    It is a shame after all those years living in Saudi, you turn out to be the designer of this dannish flag cross!!

    I’m so anti the way Muslims protested this issue, but for you to go all the way and join the cross team?! that’s a pitty.

  14. Done , its so easy and doesnt take more than 2 minuts.

  15. Nas

    Roba, can I make a kind suggestion? Keep doing what you’re doing. Only start thinking about changing when your statistics start falling to 5 people visiting a day (and they’re all you). Why? Because people come here because some love what you talk about and some hate it and some are in the middle and some are curious and whatever…the point is..keep doing what you’re doing…

    when you market yourself, when you compromise what you write for the sake of attracting more readers..then you’re compromising a lot of what brought people here in the first place. it’s like selling out. so just: keep on!

    juuuust a suggestion…I’ll show myself out now :-D

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