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I’m a cowboy, baybee

Arguing over colors

Yes, yes, I know we’re supposed to be pouring all our creative energy and supplies of glue into actually finishing the-now-piled-sky-high list of projects we have to submit by the end of the month, but isn’t it more fun to make “heshek beshek” cowboy hats?

Well, believe me, it is. Especially when they turn out so cute! Now I want red cowboy boots (sort of like the infamous Jessica Simpson ones).


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  1. Hishek Bishek!!?
    I have to admit, you do look cute in a dorky way in that look like cowboy hat. But comparing yourself to Jessica Simpson!! You’re better than that!

  2. LOL, you cracked me up. Dorky? :P Walaw! I know my hat’s shape is unconventional, but I thought it was cute that they mixed a bowler hat shape with a cowboy hat feel.. Very heshek beshek.. especially with the Egyptian-style sequins and hotpink ;)
    And Im’ not comparing myself to anyone, I’m just saying I want her boots. They’re cute and red.

  3. cow w fhimna..bass boy?

  4. lol, it’s actually a song from the 90’s.

  5. Good Catch Salam!!! …
    Or in Arabic .. “البنت البقرة”

    No offence intended of course

    Roba! You’ve got feet fetish honey… ! You love feet, boots .. shoes, sneakers …. YOU LOVE FEET!
    And since you talk all the time, then you love your mouth too… So that would make you a …. yes yes you guessed it … a Foot’n’Mouth girl (kidding tab3an, b3eed el shar)

    ::whisper:: shouldn’t you be studying!?

  6. If you are getting the boots,make sure you get the Charger as well ;)

  7. Hey .. I really love these heshek beshek hats .. you look so darn cute in them ..

    It is good that you are having fun when you should be loaded with stress over exams .. but I know that you can do both .. study and have fun that is :D

  8. قويدر : LoooooooooooooooooooooooooL

  9. euroarabe

    used one of your photos from flickr on my blog, hope you dont mind! its amazing!

  10. Killer Bee Bop

    Yeah, LOL Qwaider :P

    And Jessica Simpson can eat my shorts … :O

    Now, about your friend, is she 4th or 3rd year (I only know 4th year students)? How come I soooo feel like I recognize her then? Queer … :|

  11. OK, thanks to this post of yours, I have been singing I’M A COWBOY BAYBEEEEEEEEEEE in my head constantly, plus I walked around the house this morning with my beach straw hat on, pretending it’s a cowboy hat.

    This is not good. Definately not good.

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