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The message after the beep

Roba says:
screw mosquitos
they loveeee me
but the love isnt shared
Hala says:
PErfect blog post, those 3 lines!
u started in with the mosquitos already?
they havent really visited us yet
Roba says:
mahoweh we leave doors open
we have a thing for leaving doors open
Hala says:
that’s smart
real smart
Roba says:
i know
Hala says:
and she complains


What a way to start the day…


Physically Augmented Reality


  1. HAHHAHAHAHHA! This is now officially filed under Hal’s Favourite Posts. Awesome!

  2. I have the same habbit, but I carry Vape instead.

    It’s Jordanian, and cheaper.

    and yes, those damn mosquitos love me too, That’s why I hate summer, uft!

  3. Best solution for mosquitoes:

    He he he …. here’s a quick way to get rid of Mosquitoes and maintain your sanity.
    Rub your skin with some lemon or lime. You can use one that has already been used. You may also use it to create some citrus scented soup if you have a knack for such projects. It smells wonderful and keeps those little beasts away
    If you like you can also use Lemon grass!! Yes, It’s fantastic It contains citronella oil, a safe and natural insect repellent. And if you grow some at home. You have a free permanent “STAY OUT” sign for many bugs!
    Try it..

  4. it’s not Soup! I meant soap!
    Sorry for the typo
    But really, now showering will keep the mosquitoes away, not just the mosquitoes but most people too. So you can have some piece of mind that you can blog away, undisturbed :)

  5. hmm, question.. what does the topic have to do with the entry? lol

    off topic, I have turned my word verification off, and didn’t get hassled by ads like before.. they fixed it pretty good.. I think it’s better to turn it off, cos it’s a big hassle to the readers to leave a comment.. it discourages them.. :(

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