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  1. a7la T-shirt elek … oo 3ala7sabi kaman!
    How can we buy?

  2. English translation, please!

  3. It says “Rock and Roll”

  4. You can create it yourself.

  5. Qweider, I don’t think it can be bough : Oh, well.. It’s nice to look at.

    21stcenturyshea, it says “Rock and Roll” in a very classic Arabic type that very much contrasts Rock and Roll.

    Electro, good idea ;)

  6. Building on Electro’s idea, why not start a design line with quirky sayings in Arabic script?

    (For Ladies’ t-shirts)”If you are reading this, shame on you!”

  7. An addendum to my earlier suggestion. Over a decade ago, the London underground implemented a beautification project by putting up posters with quotes from English language poets, both classic and contemporary.

    Why not do the same with t-shirts? Make it hip to promote Arab culture, old & new?

  8. want teeshirts with arabic stuff on them? visit my site at:
    you can buy these 20 different designs at JARA market tomorrow, or email me:

  9. put another dime in the juke box babeee

  10. Imad …. Bijannino … WOW!

  11. jij

    great tshirt.. I think it would be very popular

  12. 21stCenturyShea, lol, it is a fantastic idea isn’t it? I actually was about to comment that it’s already been done and post a link to a previous post about a local tshirt deal but then Imad who is apparently a part of that tshitr deal wrote a comment. Cool!

    Imad, I do love your shirts, they’re impressively smart and witty. The only reason I haven’t bought one for myself yet is because I don’t like the cuts of the tshirts you use.

  13. Roba! you need to be physically enhanced to be able to fit in one of those shirts!
    I suggest, 8 donuts for breakfast, 12 with 4 beers for lunch and a 2 double bigMacs for dinner. You’ll fit those XXL in no time and boast the “Larry the cable guy look” and you’ll be able to “Git-r-Done”!

    Imad, Come on dude …. we need other cuts …. and a Lingerie line like this one here
    You might also decide you want to do some bikini cuts, tiny body T-tops … and the likes! I suggest directed advertising too, you don’t know who’s looking at the girl’s top you know!

  14. Oh oh … and one more thing imad … a Visible ONLY WHEN WET logo that is embedded in the female cut shirts … It would be fun to see Bebzi logo pop out when the shirt get wet .. or “Roa7 and Roll” or something like that :D

  15. I know tatabotata :D

  16. hi kids. about the teeshirts… i started a blog yesterday FOR THE TEESHIRTS!

    go there or be square.

  17. My wordpress just realised that you linked to my website, otherwise I wouldn’t know you wrote about them.

    Thank you for the plug and I would like to clarify that the t-shirts are actually availble for those who want to buy them, it’s just going to be a little bit hard.

    This is how it goes, I’m willing to ship to those who want to buy if they’re willing to pay for the t-shirt and the shipping (from kuwait) costs. The t-shirts go for 7.5 Kuwaiti Dinars, you do the math.

    thanks again

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