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What a way to start the day…

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Some asshole hit it and ran off some time during the night. The hit was really strong, the damage is huge, the left tire is entirely misplaced.
Of course our lovely police are not helping- “how can we have a kroka when the guy ran off?”

Ah. Not my baby!

Yel3an abu heik shaghleh.

I hate everyone and everything.

Update: Ok, the damage isn’t that bad il7amdella, the shasi is fine and so on and so forth, and it needs around 10 days. After having the car wenched to Marka, we opened a kroka “ded majhool” or whatever, but the insurance company with all its loops and shit says that they will only cover 50% of the entire sum as the kroka is “ded majhool” although the insurance contract is shamel! URGHH!


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s university elections time!


The message after the beep


  1. See? If we had a CSI department (you know like the TV show) they’d capture the bastard faster than you can say THE HIMPALAPUTAMOUS ATE MY BRAINS!
    yalla, bil mal wala bil 3iyal…

  2. Aww Roba! This is shitty, but look at the bright side, you weren’t in there! So sorry for your car!

  3. What a damn shit, These stuff still happen?!!!!!

  4. salamet your baby..thnak God you weren’t in it Roba,,cheer up!

  5. as i always say, all we need is more culture and manners!
    so the guy messed up and hit your car, he at least should leave a note with his name and phone number. t7ammal el mas2ooliyyeh ya a5i!!

  6. Think about the bright side… You were not sleeping in the car :D
    Salamt inshallah wil3awad bisalamtik. You can ask the police for a Kroka ‎didd majhool

  7. Again, Jordan’s finest (policemen) show their worth…which happens to be zero.

  8. That’s horrible! 7amdella 3ala salamtek!!!

  9. Now that’s a bad morning, Really :)
    Well, try to cheer up although I know it is hard to do that
    Still, the bet is up or on or whatever :P

  10. Anonymous

    wht a pitty roba
    yes unfortunately you can do a kroka ; but you still can report to the insurance company if insured


  11. 7abibti Roba!! I don’t want to go into trying to console you, because I know how horrible this must feel.. bs yalla get something out of the experience and explore the Jordanian public transportation system ;)

    Just a question, didn’t your car have an accident around the same time last year??

  12. Yalla ya roba… zay ma begolo bel mal wala bel 3eyal… thank GOD no one gets hurt… we Allah 3ala el zalem…

  13. MMM

    This sucks!
    I know how that feels, I’ve had my share of waking up to find my car hit from this side or that. Nothing this bad though :(

    As the other guys said, thank God that it happened to the car and not to you.

    Leave the shithead for God to deal with, he won’t know what hit him when he gets God’s majestic “kroka”.

  14. OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!!! Oh man, this must suck like nothing else, I’m so sorry, this f*%&#$ing happeded to me this morning in a way, I got rearended by a F***ing taxi who decided to drive off and the cop saw it all and said, what, I can’t do anything, didnt get the license, khalas just go to work. FUMING.

    Am taking you out tonight. and you KNOW what we’re gonna be doing.

    Hey, someone at work told me you can do a an unkown kroka thing, so your insurance will pay for it to get fixed.

    MAN THIS SUCKS. I’d love to get my hands on the guy who did this to you. I bet it’s the same tazi driver that rearended my baby. I have so many ideas on what i’d do to him….

  15. husams

    I don’t know how, but yes I agree with you everything is responsible, everyone is responsible for being a part of this existence. If I were you I will hate all at such a time, and it will make me feel much much better. And then Cheer up ;)

  16. Jad

    Holy cow! we have the most stupid police officers ever!

    7amdilah 3al salameh

  17. Roba .. no words can make you feel better about this .. I know how it sucks .. bas 3n jad 7amdellah 3ala salamtek

  18. Roba , el7mdellah 3la salamtek , the important thing is that you were not in the car .
    I know you feel bad … fe3lan yel3an abu hek shaghleh …

  19. Rasha

    El7amdella 3alsalame rabrob…
    so sorry for your car

  20. No comment, but dont worry God is good, iam sure those guys will not sleep at night :)
    nice car ;)
    and thanks god u were not there :)

  21. Sorry for your car, I know it is bad, but it never desrves to get you frustrated or even angry. You gonna fix it in few days and everything gonna be okay.

  22. ouch!
    yeah, ur right about it… a bad day to start a day!!!!

    seems its some1 from those at the elections

  23. Oh! Poor Roba! I’m so sorry for you. And with all the stress you’re already under, this is all you need!
    I hope it gets fixed and is back to normal soon.


  24. 7amdellah 3asalamtek ya Roba.

  25. Nas

    ouch, that really really really sucks. not the best way to start a day, or even a week. i’m guessing the guy was drunk. as for the cops, i don’t what they can do anyway. i thought the whole kroka system was going to be stopped.

  26. لا حول و لا قوة الا بالله …. حمدالله على السلامه و العوض من رب العالمين

  27. Aywa aywa ziee7 3’ad.. il 7aq 3ala il mistobishi il azaraq, hiyeh safitha 3’ala6… an dari lesh be7’aloo niswan itsooq ya 3ami ;)..
    Yalla at least in Jordan it won’t cost £10,000 to fix and Hal had the best advice ;)

  28. Yeah this sucks! Actually what more sucks is the insurance company?
    Okay what’s wrong with them?
    هادا تأمين هامل، مش شامل!

    I’m glad you are fine and sound.
    So you’ll join the cabbies club for 10 days? Welcome welcome! Enjoy the ride
    Look around in your neighborhood you might catch the SOB!

    If kicking ass was just legal in this country! What’s your insurance company?

  29. moi

    Sorry to hear that Roba, very frustrating indeed. Did you guys hear anything during the night? It looks like it was a pretty heavy impact.

  30. waaaaaal!!!
    shou bala marba!!

  31. A year ago I witnessed some bright young thing chattering on her cell phone while her jeep sideswiped a car. She quickly turned an sped in the opposite direction.

    Let’s hope their is some sort of karmic blowback for such creeps.

  32. sorry Roba

  33. Oh shit, What a way to start a day!
    So sorry dear Roba.

  34. wow! wallah el 7amdella innek ma konti bil sayyara,
    once you find the guy, just give me a call…:)

  35. Dar

    it sux ! allah be3ein !

  36. the best thing that u weren’t in there and u didnt have to deal with the fright and the flash backs n all the things that comes with accidents ….all u got beside a damaged car is a bad morning….tomorow is a better morning, u will have an adventure which im sure u will blog about ;)
    n 7amdella 3ala kol eshy

  37. i’m so sorry to see this, hopefully one day you’ll kick some majhool’s ass.

  38. Glad you weren’t in it and I hope they catch the “Majhool”.

    It looks like you’ll be taking taxis for a week :) enjoy!

  39. Salamtik….
    Next time, make sure you park inside the kitchen!

  40. This post has been removed by the author.

  41. Salamat Roba
    I have just checked your blog and found that your car had an accident; sorry for your car and Thanx God you weren’t inside at that time.

    Why don’t you ask your neighbors maybe someone had seen something, and I think such an accident make a huge fuss, didn’t anybody notice the accident sound???

    By the way salamat and as they say “Bel mal wala bel 3eal”

  42. Nick

    That’s really shitty. There are some bad people around.

  43. how do you where is my favourite

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