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Today is the 58th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakbeh.
I could have pasted a history lesson, or shared the stories of others as I have none, but then I decided that I will be more personal, perhaps a little too personal, with a little family history.

These portraits of my family’s pre-1948 life in Palestine.

Paternal grandparents
My paternal grandparents (coincedentally, his too)

great grandfather, great grandmother, great aunts
My maternal great-grandparents and their daughters, my mother’s aunts. I’m loving the tarboush.

maternal Great grandmother and great aunt
My maternal great-grandmother and her daughter

great uncle
My maternal great-uncle

Today, my mother’s family, Dallal, is scattered between Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the US. My great-grandfather is buried in Jeddah, and my grandparents are buried in Amman.

Most of my dad’s family still live in Nablus, Palestine. My grandparents are buried in Nablus.


What a way to start the day…


The message after the beep


  1. You can almost hear those pictures telling stories.

  2. It’s your very own personal treasure, owning pictures of this sort. Staring at them, and wondering whose chin you inherited, and whose hair is like yours. And I love the expression on Tarboush-Man’s face – you maternal great grandfather. Classic! Wonderful way for you to have commemorated the Nakba – original and moving. Thank you for the personal touch.

  3. So intimate rouba , so Expressive and emotional .. Thx for shraing that ..
    Unfortunately Today is my birthday .. Bad timing hh??

  4. Thank you for these wonderful photographs. They are real in a way that history lessons are not.

  5. That’s awesome! I looove old black & white pictures. Whenever I go to my grandparents, I browse through their collections of B&W pictures.

    Thanks for sharing =)

  6. really its a wonderful pictures, i have some of them for my gradma from syria. amazing.. :)

  7. Roba these are awesome pics, the first picture really moved me, I remember it from grandma’s house in Nables, it used to decorate the wall in the middle of the house. It’s also great to see your maternal granparents…maybe I’ll post some of mom’s collection one day, (if mom sees the first pic, she’ll start crying, so, mmm, I think I’m not going to let her know) thx Roba

  8. Haisam, happy birthday :)

    Omar, it did? I don’t remember. You should post some of your mothers pictures, simply because I want to save them! I don’t have many pictures of dad’s family.

  9. المشكلجي

    أول مره تتحدثي عن فلسطين،يجب أن لا نتخلي عن حقوقنا مهما بتعدنا عن فلسطين

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