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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s university elections time!


Elections Elections!

I get out of my car to walk into school this morning and I’m literally “mish tayga khayali” (I hate early morning classes), but then I am greeted by this scene- a scene I actually wait for year after year. This view makes me get all excited and then I start laughing and giggling and then my whole day becomes better. No, actually, the whole week becomes better and we spend all of it discussing the appealingness of kitsch behind such visual pollution.

So far, they’re not as juicy as last year’s election campaign, which was full of red and pink hearts- but, hey, it’s only been a day, I’m sure I’ll get to see enough juice within the next week.

Anyway, I’m gonna be having a real post with a lot of pictures of the elections fiasco because I get such a kick out of the whole deal, so stay tuned.


(check out last year’s election pictures for a good laugh while I wait for Jordan University to turn into the annual circus)


How to tell that this person has an attention span of 3 seconds


What a way to start the day…


  1. University Elections !!!! agghh!! I HATE IT!!

    mfakreen 7alhom ente5abat majles el sha3ib !! eh!

  2. Dosent JU have posting rules and regulations?

    Man if i came back to my car and saw a bunch of flyers tapped on it I would be so angry :P

  3. I wonder how much work visual designers have given to creating election posters that don’t look like blemishes on the landscape.

    How about it Roba? Why not fuse your interest in democracy and the visual arts and be the progenitor of “Election art”? :)

  4. Killer Bee Bop

    An interesting view of the matter. I always notice the wordings (what kitsch, it makes me puke!) but never the visual pollution itself, but it perfectly makes sense coming out from your obsessive self. :P

    I, on the other hand, can’t wait for this “annual circus” that spans for a whole week to be over with! Tossers! :@

  5. I don’t miss these days in JU, although once i actively particpated for one whole hour in a big dabkeh celebration after the victory of a jerk in our faculty. The elections reflect racism and extremism more than they reflct the will of students to make a chnage in their student environment. It’s so sad.

  6. I had a short tour today at the UJ out of curiousity and was disappointed with the amount of slogans with support to the tribal candidates. It is a silly war between the Islamists and racists in which I have no interest. This is a shame since UJ was the platform of some remarkable political movements in the 80s and early 90s.

  7. God I hate those damn elections. 6 or 7 people already want my ID so that they can get my vote. Next year I’m so electing myself and I’m not telling anybody, I wanna see how many people would vote for somebody who wouldn’t hang absolutely anything.

    I did mention that my life is empty and pretty much meaningless, no?

  8. is it that important, even alrai newspaper put an article about it!!

  9. Abed, haha, it cracks me up every time.

    Linda, nope, I don’t think they even know what ruling regulations are. I feel soooo sorry for the trees!!!

    21stcenturyshea, it would be cool, but the thing is, I feel like these elections, at least the ones in my university, only furtherly strengthen tribalism than push for democracy. It disgusts me.

    Killer Bee Bop, your comment was really interesting to me too. I have never ever thought of the funniness behind what they say.. I just get a kick from the visuals. It’s so fascinating how different people notice different things.

    Hareega, haha, one hour in a dabkeh celebration in JU? Man.. that’s terrible :P

    Batir, yes, its precisely that. It’s quite sad and reflects the even sadder reality of Jordanian youth..

    Pheras, why is your life empty and absolutely meaningless? Look at the bright side.

    Wedad, yeah.. Al-Ghad did too.

  10. you should check what happened to the subway (i linked to my post to this page)

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